2 February 2013


This year I want to get away.

I want to go to Vanuatu and get up close to an active volcano.

Or hide in heavenly lush Maui with black sand beaches.

I want to sneak in to speakeasies in San Francisco, and eat a hotdog with everything (minus ketchup) in Chicago.

I want to swoon over the architecture, shiver over the ghosts and be full from all the po'boys, Sazeracs and music in New Orleans.

I want to see the minarets of Istanbul and be woken by the call to prayer.

I want to see the red earth and magic sunrises in central Australia.

I want to stuff my face with cheese and make up for it by riding a bike around the botanical gardens in Adelaide.

These are some ideas I have of possible trips away this year.  But as always, London looms large in the back of my mind.  I am biding my time. Biding my time.

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