28 January 2013

words above all else

I always knew I was biased towards words. Lyrics are the first thing I notice  and remember in a song, the etymology of a word or name is very important to me. I say words over and over again just to hear the sound they make (plum is the one that makes me happiest lately). Poetry was something I implicitly understood in school without knowing how or why.  But lately, I had lost my way.

Dealing with people you don't like means your words take on a different purpose. They became a specific weapon to express your disdain and unhappiness, your outrage, to remind people you are more than you seem.  Everything I said weighed heavy on me, I wondered if these people understood what choosing these words oh so carefully meant to me. Probably not.

I went to the ballet late last year, and became frustrated.  No words, just motions and lighting to convey a thought or feeling.  It nearly drove me crazy. I returned home and hugged my kindle, patted my books and realised that the surtitles probably add to the sum of what makes me love the opera so much.
Here are some thoughts on words from two men who couldn't be more different save for their charisma playing their characters:

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