23 January 2013


Before the holidays, Luke and I bought ourselves bicycles.  
It has taken me so long to find a helmet that I actually like, however, so we haven't ridden them very far from our house as we were always sans helmets.  
One day we have grand plans to ride around as far as we can and stop for picnics and all the other things bike riders do (and tell you about and make you feel like you should try being more intrepid instead of walking everywhere and catching public transport).

Then there's the whole fashion side of things, the accessories for a bike...the possibilities in a double pannier, the subtleties of a cane basket...leather pouches for storing your belongings and the gaudy colours of sturdy bike locks.   I am still learning all of these things. I live in fear of being another douche on a bike. I think it will mostly be a weekend recreational thing, or on days where it's been a hard slog, then it will be a stress reliever (and indeed, I felt like I was ten years old again with not a care in the world when I was cruising around on the bike after I got her, it was literally like I went back in time and I am grateful that feeling is so easy to access now).

So here's my baby, here's Eunice. She's so terribly pretty and sweet and lovely. And sturdy too, her tyres aren't super thin and ridiculous and she fits me perfectly which means I don't feel like I'm going to lose control because the frame is too big etc.

Source: mylayby.com via Maria on Pinterest

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