9 January 2013

a stitch in time

I bought my first ever sewing machine over the holidays. I thought I should attempt to do simple alterations myself now instead of relying on my mother to work her magic anytime I need something.

So far, I've taken up some curtains and hand sewn a few items.  I think it's wise to stick with straight lines when you are a beginner. 
I am surprised by how emotional it is has been when I sew or am in haberdashery stores now. I feel exactly like a little kid again; sitting next to my mum and chatting about what happened at school, or what my brother did, or what happened in the book I was reading, while she threads needles and bobbins, and adjusts fabric and swiftly weaves pins in and out to hold everything in place and smooths out the delicate pattern paper onto the table with that satisfying rustle.  
It is indelibly linked to my childhood, and is all at once soothing and bittersweet to be around it again. I doubt I will ever be the master my mum is, but I'll be happy if I sew straight lines for now.  I do wish I was a better student when I was younger and my mother tried to teach me all these basic things, but I just wanted to be able to make amazing dresses like she did, straight away.  

There's a real beauty to these items in my sewing kit. The small scissors that look like a bird, pins with real glass heads that have a subtle weight to them, the smooth pastel coloured tailor's chalk squares,  the mighty tape measure that I feel so helpless without.   
It makes me miss my mum so much, and I feel silly telling her about my absolute novice adventures in sewing, but she is very encouraging.

PS: Like any new and impatient student; I already have dreams of amazing patchwork quilts in the back of my mind for future projects.

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