9 March 2013

James Dean 1955

Just a photo of James Dean in his hometown a few months before his death, larking about amongst some coffins.  What. The.

More from this series here.

5 March 2013

Empire State of Spiegeltent

Just wanted to share a couple of photos of Spiegelworld's incredible show Empire that we saw last weekend. A great mix of burlesque circus cabaret and comedy,  I'm glad we chose the little cocktail tables which were cosy and had a great view of the performances.

I had a cocktail called the Tightrope (of course) which was right up my alley thanks to the mix of vodka, Chambord and a splash of bubbly. I also realised you may need nerves of steel to watch the performances...it's so nerve wracking and tense but ultimately mind boggling and breathtaking.  The gorgeous tent really helps to set the tone, you feel like you are in another world and another time.  More please!

2 March 2013

Let England Shake

I went to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last week.  It was one of the best shows I've seen since I don't even know when. That good.  Part of me felt like I was being unfaithful to my girl crush, PJ Harvey.  Silly I know, but let's focus on Ms. Polly Jean for a moment, shall we?

Source: flickr.com via Maria on Pinterest

Whatever this is, whoever is designing her stage outfits...bless you.  I love it, and it suits her more than any other phase she's been through. 

Source: flickr.com via Maria on Pinterest

Have you seen the magnificent mini films by Seamus Murphy for each song on the album?  
This is my current favourite:

26 February 2013

bookish : Retromania

This book looks really interesting, and also makes me equal parts sad and curious about the future. It's a blessing to be so interconnected to technology now, but still vividly remember what it was like before youtube, and wikipedia, and all the other things that allow you to look up random stuff from when you were little and indulge in recreating and reliving all things retro.

Retromania by Simon Reynolds
Fascinating interview with him here.

24 February 2013

Looking into the past

Oooh I just found a flickr group called Looking into the Past that holds up old photos in the same spot today.  Just what I was thinking about when I brought along this photo last year to the zoo that my parents took over 30 years ago on one of their first visits to Taronga.

Incidentally, I was so shocked at the amount of people who came up to me as I was comparing the old photo and the new skyline.  It was really fun focusing into the distance and pointing out all the new buildings with complete strangers excitedly, and having this weird time capsule moment in the middle of a busy zoo with the best views of Sydney.

Compare and contrast

 Luke lines it up.

22 February 2013


I have mixed feelings about Anthropologie. On the one hand, I would swoon around like a fool when they opened up shop in London...but I all too often grimaced at the overpriced faux-vintage exotic and ethnic homewares and accessories.
Still, their clothes often make me look twice, ok actually thrice, and then sigh because there are no magical stores in Sydney as yet.

And their shoes?  Well...

You are seeing correctly.  Stripes, tan, and pink suede.  I'm happy just knowing a shoe like this exists in the world.

17 February 2013

off the charts

I am really enjoying PopChartLab lately; a great site with very appealing and humorous charts. 
Of course I need this framed, and somewhere in my kitchen...pronto. Easy on the vermouth.

12 February 2013

Frida's wardrobe

If this woman fascinates you, and you want to be moved and amazed some more by her spirit, defiance, talent and the effects of her tragic accident...go ahead and read this.  
Her clothes were locked away at the request of Diego Rivera until about ten years ago, now we finally get to peek in to her closet.


11 February 2013

I want to go to there : The Heidelberg Project

When in Detroit, cast your eyes upon this amazing project.

A social art project to bring attention to the communities of Detroit, it's been around in some form or another since 1986. Of course, the polka dot house is the greatest thing ever.  A few years ago, they whitewashed it and started all over again, here's how they did it.

10 February 2013

two things: navy and cream

These tops from Modcloth are very similar and very cute....which would you choose?  
My money's on the modern Madeline. 

modern Madeline

Thesis and that

7 February 2013

what's my line?

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this, especially the fact everyone ignores Paul Newman and just wants to speak to Joanne.  I like her response about the baby too, gotta love a lady with a sense of humour.

2 February 2013


This year I want to get away.

I want to go to Vanuatu and get up close to an active volcano.

Or hide in heavenly lush Maui with black sand beaches.

I want to sneak in to speakeasies in San Francisco, and eat a hotdog with everything (minus ketchup) in Chicago.

I want to swoon over the architecture, shiver over the ghosts and be full from all the po'boys, Sazeracs and music in New Orleans.

I want to see the minarets of Istanbul and be woken by the call to prayer.

I want to see the red earth and magic sunrises in central Australia.

I want to stuff my face with cheese and make up for it by riding a bike around the botanical gardens in Adelaide.

These are some ideas I have of possible trips away this year.  But as always, London looms large in the back of my mind.  I am biding my time. Biding my time.

31 January 2013

Tippi's make up

Lisa Eldridge, my favourite youtube make up artist has just uploaded this guide to Tippi's make up, what timing!
If you have fair colouring, give it a whirl why don't you? I unfortunately do not fit into Hitchcock's preference for blondes.

30 January 2013

Before Midnight

It's been nine years since Before Sunset. Celine and Jesse are still walking around looking gorgeous,  having excellent conversations about everything...but this time they are in Hellas, and there is no trailer for the film, and no solid release date as yet.

Naturally, I cannot wait.

28 January 2013

words above all else

I always knew I was biased towards words. Lyrics are the first thing I notice  and remember in a song, the etymology of a word or name is very important to me. I say words over and over again just to hear the sound they make (plum is the one that makes me happiest lately). Poetry was something I implicitly understood in school without knowing how or why.  But lately, I had lost my way.

Dealing with people you don't like means your words take on a different purpose. They became a specific weapon to express your disdain and unhappiness, your outrage, to remind people you are more than you seem.  Everything I said weighed heavy on me, I wondered if these people understood what choosing these words oh so carefully meant to me. Probably not.

I went to the ballet late last year, and became frustrated.  No words, just motions and lighting to convey a thought or feeling.  It nearly drove me crazy. I returned home and hugged my kindle, patted my books and realised that the surtitles probably add to the sum of what makes me love the opera so much.
Here are some thoughts on words from two men who couldn't be more different save for their charisma playing their characters:

27 January 2013

Tippi and kitty

A few days after my birthday we went to a Hitchcock double feature at the Chauvel.  The Birds and Rear Window were playing, so obviously it was a win. 
I had never seen the whole of the Birds in one sitting before, but I have seen Rear Window many times and never tire of it, especially Jimmy Stewart, drooling over Grace's outfits and her real 'girl Friday' spunky attitude.

But Tippi...she really stole the show. I have now decided if I ever get a female kitty, I will name her Tippi Hendren.

Have you read this article about Tippi and her cats?  I suggest you do, very entertaining and enlightening indeed. Here are some photos of her home life at Shambala:


23 January 2013


Before the holidays, Luke and I bought ourselves bicycles.  
It has taken me so long to find a helmet that I actually like, however, so we haven't ridden them very far from our house as we were always sans helmets.  
One day we have grand plans to ride around as far as we can and stop for picnics and all the other things bike riders do (and tell you about and make you feel like you should try being more intrepid instead of walking everywhere and catching public transport).

Then there's the whole fashion side of things, the accessories for a bike...the possibilities in a double pannier, the subtleties of a cane basket...leather pouches for storing your belongings and the gaudy colours of sturdy bike locks.   I am still learning all of these things. I live in fear of being another douche on a bike. I think it will mostly be a weekend recreational thing, or on days where it's been a hard slog, then it will be a stress reliever (and indeed, I felt like I was ten years old again with not a care in the world when I was cruising around on the bike after I got her, it was literally like I went back in time and I am grateful that feeling is so easy to access now).

So here's my baby, here's Eunice. She's so terribly pretty and sweet and lovely. And sturdy too, her tyres aren't super thin and ridiculous and she fits me perfectly which means I don't feel like I'm going to lose control because the frame is too big etc.

Source: mylayby.com via Maria on Pinterest

15 January 2013

two things: advice

I trust both these women, they sure did know what they were talking about:

Source: tumblr.com via Kandi on Pinterest

Who would know more about this than the wife of Paul Newman?  No one.

Edith Head, a legend of classy and mesmerising costumes in films.

11 January 2013

Here with me

You guys...we saw Frankenweenie at the Moonlight Cinema last week, and as an extra bonus it was a night where everyone could bring their dogs. So cute seeing them make new friends, and occasionally bark when they heard a dog or a cat on the screen.  They were all very well behaved.

It was great to see (hear) Winona and Tim Burton working together again.   There is a part of me that wonders if Wino and Johnny Depp will actually end up together now.  At least we know that Tim still loves her as a muse. I hope Tim and Winona strike up their working relationship again.  

He directed this music clip for the Killers with Winona as the focal point of a young boy's obsession, and while I'm not a huge fan of theirs...I am a huge fan of this video.  The young creepy boy looks like he's straight out of the Addams Family, non?

9 January 2013

a stitch in time

I bought my first ever sewing machine over the holidays. I thought I should attempt to do simple alterations myself now instead of relying on my mother to work her magic anytime I need something.

So far, I've taken up some curtains and hand sewn a few items.  I think it's wise to stick with straight lines when you are a beginner. 
I am surprised by how emotional it is has been when I sew or am in haberdashery stores now. I feel exactly like a little kid again; sitting next to my mum and chatting about what happened at school, or what my brother did, or what happened in the book I was reading, while she threads needles and bobbins, and adjusts fabric and swiftly weaves pins in and out to hold everything in place and smooths out the delicate pattern paper onto the table with that satisfying rustle.  
It is indelibly linked to my childhood, and is all at once soothing and bittersweet to be around it again. I doubt I will ever be the master my mum is, but I'll be happy if I sew straight lines for now.  I do wish I was a better student when I was younger and my mother tried to teach me all these basic things, but I just wanted to be able to make amazing dresses like she did, straight away.  

There's a real beauty to these items in my sewing kit. The small scissors that look like a bird, pins with real glass heads that have a subtle weight to them, the smooth pastel coloured tailor's chalk squares,  the mighty tape measure that I feel so helpless without.   
It makes me miss my mum so much, and I feel silly telling her about my absolute novice adventures in sewing, but she is very encouraging.

PS: Like any new and impatient student; I already have dreams of amazing patchwork quilts in the back of my mind for future projects.

8 January 2013

two things: Loeffler Randall

This hurts my heart, I hate feeling so materialistic, but just look at them! Want.
Well played Loeffler Randall...well played.

cobalt is close to ultramarine blue, therefore I love it.

TELL me these aren't the coolest little rain boots you've ever seen?  

6 January 2013

a long December

"....and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last"

I sure hope so.

2012 was such a bizarre, challenging, upsetting and stressful year not just for me but for so many people I care about.  Seriously, the only up-side to it was some shiny new babies being born and getting married to Luke...I could not wait to farewell the last 12 months. Good riddance, good riddance!!


Here's to 2013.  May it not suck as royally as last year, may we laugh a lot more and feel a foreboding sense in our guts a whole lot less.   


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