29 November 2012

November rain (or, "first dance songs my husband vetoed")

Sorry I've not been here lately; life and attempting to be a grown up is distracting me from the fun of my blog, how dull!

Let's have a bit of music, shall we? First, some background on today's selection;

Luke and I got married earlier in November, it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't. I was told later on that as I was walking down the path to the garden, Wendy Whiteley was looking at our little gathering from her balcony.   Her garden means a lot to us, so close to our home and it was just the sweetest secret and quiet location we could share with our families.

On to the important stuff....we do not like attention, so the idea of having a first dance in front of people was utterly laughable and did not happen. However, I had many many songs that I thought would be pretty cool for our first dance and I ran a few of them by Luke. He was not so enthusiastic.

'The Right Stuff'  -New Kids on the Block

'November Rain' -Guns N Roses

'Rooms on Fire' -Stevie Nicks

In the end, our first dance was lovely and private and spontaneous ...I think it was the harmonica intro that did it. Thanks Ryan!

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