29 May 2012

Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog

Oh you guys, my calendar has film stills from Westerns (yeah...it's pretty much the most awesome calendar ever) and it also notes the birthdays of certain actors, ergo the legend that is Clint Eastwood is turning 82 on Thursday! Phwoar.  

Let's celebrate already, eh?

What's that? You haven't seen 'Paint your wagon'? Ever? Not even as a Sunday midday movie on telly when you were little? Go...watch, now!  Clint is a *babe*, and he sings, and it's hilarious, you'll love it...promise. Look:

Also, here is Clint Eastwood with a baby armadillo, because that is how he rolls. 

Not only is he a badass and a legend, he is also a champion for equal rights. Yesssssss:


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