28 May 2012

I've always been a fool for a conversation and a couple of smokes

Since I haven't been able to get this excellent song out of my head for days and days...here is Justin, pacing to-and-fro in a library singing 'Christchurch woman' :

And the same song with added instruments, an introduction about the song, and good-naturedly teasing his dad for actually fielding a phone call as he's talking to the crowd:

Which version do you prefer? Even though Steve Earle has a lovely cameo in the latter, I must say I am very pro 'gorgeously-bespectacled-talented-boys-singing-in-a-library' *swoons quietly in her chair* .

PS:   Bonus points for the very honest line "she may be pretty but someday I'll get sick of her shit"...ain't that the truth.


Johanna said...

Maria! tell me you've heard the new record (you have an excellent name-song on it)
where you you last year when he was touring and we hung out? x

Mia said...

I remember reading an article you wrote about interviewing him? yum! oh the new record is grrrreat...and those horns are wonderful. I especially like a couple of live intros to the song on youtube...I pity the poor foolish girl who dared to ask him who Maria was, eep! x

Johanna said...

oh ya! we went to the judgement bar too, and filled the jukebox with Australian classics and drank too much whiskey. good times. such a great record, swoon.

Mia said...

that totally sounds like my idea of an awesome time! good one lady x

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