31 May 2012


This was the very first thing that made me want to learn how to drive, and still to this day is perhaps the strongest argument in my head to get my licence....

29 May 2012

Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog

Oh you guys, my calendar has film stills from Westerns (yeah...it's pretty much the most awesome calendar ever) and it also notes the birthdays of certain actors, ergo the legend that is Clint Eastwood is turning 82 on Thursday! Phwoar.  

Let's celebrate already, eh?

What's that? You haven't seen 'Paint your wagon'? Ever? Not even as a Sunday midday movie on telly when you were little? Go...watch, now!  Clint is a *babe*, and he sings, and it's hilarious, you'll love it...promise. Look:

Also, here is Clint Eastwood with a baby armadillo, because that is how he rolls. 

Not only is he a badass and a legend, he is also a champion for equal rights. Yesssssss:


28 May 2012

I've always been a fool for a conversation and a couple of smokes

Since I haven't been able to get this excellent song out of my head for days and days...here is Justin, pacing to-and-fro in a library singing 'Christchurch woman' :

And the same song with added instruments, an introduction about the song, and good-naturedly teasing his dad for actually fielding a phone call as he's talking to the crowd:

Which version do you prefer? Even though Steve Earle has a lovely cameo in the latter, I must say I am very pro 'gorgeously-bespectacled-talented-boys-singing-in-a-library' *swoons quietly in her chair* .

PS:   Bonus points for the very honest line "she may be pretty but someday I'll get sick of her shit"...ain't that the truth.

27 May 2012

The Gilmore Girls list

Ah the internet.  It feels like almost everything in the world is on there.   And guess what I found via pinterest?  A complete list of all the books read by Rory Gilmore.  Is that the craziest thing ever?  Go on, take a gander at the long list and then feel bad that you haven't read as much as a fictional character has across her very short lifetime.  (No Jess reading lists that I can see...but assume it's going to be similar to Rory's plus full of music-related titles).

Also....amazing internet. Some dear souls have put together a wiki of all the books / films / songs / pop-culture-references by every episode in every season of the Gilmore Girls.  

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

20 May 2012

the Eastwood tree

Clint Eastwood has a lot of children by several different women.  His daughters all seem very pretty and tend to take after their mothers.  His sons? Well:



Genetics.  Such a wondrous thing.

18 May 2012

London calling

The city is calling me back home, big big BIG time.


the baby

Even though my dog Monty is bigger in size than his older brother Mojo, he will always be the baby of our family.  Look at that face, just home from the vet last night:

Not surprisingly, everyone at the vet clinic and out on the street was crushing on Montague big time, he's a handsome lad and works his charisma like nobody's business. 

17 May 2012

this is me right now, this one word

list·less    adj \ˈlist-ləs\

Definition of LISTLESS
: characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit <a listless melancholy attitude>
— list·less·ly adverb
— list·less·ness noun

Examples of LISTLESS

The heat made everyone tired and listless.
The party was a listless affair.
He became listless, answered in monosyllables, gurgled, drank a great deal of whisky, and looked with hateful eyes at everyone. —Isaiah Berlin, New York Times Book Review, 12 Apr. 1987

Origin of LISTLESS
Middle English listles,
First Known Use: 15th century

16 May 2012

set fire to the rain

My brain is a muddle of Voices....watching the US, UK and Oz versions all at the same time I have concluded that:

1) The UK easily has the best voices of the three 
2) The US has the most entertaining coaches (read: great bickering and humour)
3) Oz has the nicest ever coaches but the slowest pace 
4) The Oz coaches also sound really good together when they perform, the UK is the worst.

After I heard this audition below from Sam Buttery in the UK, I don't enjoy Adele's version as much anymore and prefer this one!

15 May 2012


I love this perfume, not only is it named after my all-time favourite flower but the actual scent is so quietly subtle and green and earthy and delicate. Makes me instantly feel better, happier, calmer. 

How simple is the bottle too? Quite old school and no nonsense. Prada wins again.

12 May 2012

thought catalog

I just found and really quite like, these two prose pieces from Stephanie Georgopoulos...I hope you do too:

Things You Won’t Do With Your Next Boyfriend

How We Talk About The People We Don’t Know Anymore


10 May 2012

8 May 2012

Playing the building

Hats off to David Byrne and his fun and thoughtful democratising of music/architecture:

7 May 2012

bare feet

Look at the pure joy on Judy's face when she's with Mickey....and the moment she kicks off her heels to dance in just her stockings with him? Perfect.


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