6 April 2012


It was my last day of work on Thursday. We went out for a long farewell lunch and I drank gin & tonics and ate a toasted crab sandwich  with lime mayo in the shade on a perfect sunny day by the water. 
My work colleagues were really sweet and gave me an impressively heavy coffee table book on libraries and architecture (perfect!) and a bottle of Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin. Needless to say, I was so utterly chuffed!  The gin is a dream, so smooth and elegant..it has edged out Tanqueray as our preferred gin for martinis now. Yum.

The next morning Luke and I had crumpets with orange + whiskey thin cut marmalade ( I couldn't resist when I saw it in the shops, handmade in Scotland too) and nice strong cups of Yorkshire tea. I am bringing GB into my kitchen, until I can be there personally for breakfast!

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