19 April 2012

Pear and Gruyere pie

I love Pushing Daisies. When Chuck mentioned this pie in one of the episodes, I paid attention. Seems many other fans also paid attention because there's a whole bunch of recipes out there, all of them make me hungry.  

There is one version I think I can replicate, perhaps at the weekend. A bonus is it uses ready made pastry, because seriously...as if I'm going to make my own pastry (I may consider making this one which uses vodka though).

Go here for Emily's excellently simple Pear and Gruyere pie recipe.

I wish it came with a side of Ned...you can hold on to the homeopathic antidepressants though!

Charlie Chaplin Cocktail

This is my current favourite cocktail; and like some of the very best cocktails, it only has three ingredients.

-Sloe Gin
-Apricot Brandy or Apricot Liqueur
-Lime juice

One shot (or ounce) of each, shake with ice and strain (preferably into a champagne saucer because I love them). Simple enough but tart, sweet, and sour in all the right places! 

Here's Charlie making who knows what:

I'm currently collecting my favourite 3 ingredient cocktail recipes to share with you. Bottoms up!

17 April 2012

The Whishaw

wooden box

This seems impractical and possibly heavy, but....I heart it anyways. 
Wooden clutch by French Connection:

11 April 2012

Gold Dust woman

I know this is silly, but of all the apps I have on my phone, this is the one I have been using the most.

It's so relaxing and silly and fun and magical!  Who doesn't like the thought of having gold dust shoot from their fingers, or writing your name and having it shimmer and sparkle? I've been watching too many episodes of Once Upon A Time, I know.

But seriously, it's lovely!  That is all.

the perfect dress

Big call, I know...but just look at it. Think of the fun you would have in it, dressing it up, or down.
I see this with my Converse sneakers, I see this with my polka dot suede wedges, or with a ponytail and kitten flick eyeliner, or messy hair and a smudge of coral lippie with tan sandals.

Or, with knee high boots, and a tartan coat and a long sleeved top underneath in the cooler weather.

It's the right side of Mod and it's perfect, no?


oh pretty Petula

Lovely Petula Clarke back then in the 60s....the chorus has been stuck in my head lately, hence this post:

And seriously bluesy fun in Montreux....(love that brass section, but Paolo you must stand up straight!)


I want to make this, bring on the wooden beads and colours!

(go here for the how-to)

8 April 2012

coming up easy

Good things:   Paolo's smoooooth and soulful voice, the brilliant line "it was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die", the creepy but also sad and surprisingly good dancer of a rabbit in the video, Paolo Nutini's cheekbones, getting hot chips on the way home after spending hours drinking in the pub (story of my life), the fact that this song seems to be about a relationship but is apparently about his struggles with marijuana.....um, what?!  The kid is too talented for his own good.

And of course, the rabbit's name is Harvey:

blue + green = Lanvin

I love these colours, and I love draped silk dresses. Bravo Lanvin!

7 April 2012

video games

I have had this song in my head for well over a week now....I like it's quietness and the video almost has a life of it's own don't you think?  I'm not even going to weigh in with the Lana Del Rey debate, I just like this song and it's sentimental melancholy.

Instagramification on Good Friday

Wanna see how I spent my Good Friday?  It involved walking about in the sunshine, the Sydney harbour foreshore, a shipwreck, some lovely buildings, a hotdog and with my darling Luke by my side.  Check it out on my Instagram @miasav  .

Here are a few to get you started:

6 April 2012


It was my last day of work on Thursday. We went out for a long farewell lunch and I drank gin & tonics and ate a toasted crab sandwich  with lime mayo in the shade on a perfect sunny day by the water. 
My work colleagues were really sweet and gave me an impressively heavy coffee table book on libraries and architecture (perfect!) and a bottle of Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin. Needless to say, I was so utterly chuffed!  The gin is a dream, so smooth and elegant..it has edged out Tanqueray as our preferred gin for martinis now. Yum.

The next morning Luke and I had crumpets with orange + whiskey thin cut marmalade ( I couldn't resist when I saw it in the shops, handmade in Scotland too) and nice strong cups of Yorkshire tea. I am bringing GB into my kitchen, until I can be there personally for breakfast!

1 April 2012

lovely Levi's

I found my dad's old denim shirt the other day. It's a smidgen too big for me but it's so lovely and comfy to wear. I'd prefer a more streamlined version for myself...but my dad's shirt is just so solid, you know? Every button and seam feels like it's going to stick around for hundreds of years. So comforting!

It seems a pity to try and shrink and alter it so it fits me better, so I went ahead and bought an almost identical shirt in colour and design from Levi's range for women; it's amazing what a couple of extra seams can do. Like a glove.

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