23 March 2012

in the stillness of remembering what you had...

Definitely one of my all time favourite bands.  Watch Stevie belt it out, and of course gorgeous Lindsey chiming in with those harmonies. Swoooooooon.

Can you believe this was their only single to come in at number one on the American charts? It has one of my favourite lines too...when the rain washes you clean, you'll know.

16 March 2012

March madness

Halfway through March and nary a post to be had!  Let's rectify that.

So far this month I've:

read the first 3 chapters of Ulysses (hurrah!), went to a talk on a rainy muggy Sunday afternoon by my favourite Greek professor Vrasidas, on Homer's Odyssey (he also threw in Joyce's and Kazantzakis' modern interpretations for good measure), resigned from my job (14 more working days until corporate freedom!), farewelled my laptop with tears, cautiously welcomed another (I have finally crossed over to the Mac side, let's see if this one holds up longer than my last 2 frustrating PCs), went for an interview for my dream job in Sydney (haven't heard back yet...eeep!), visited Sunny Corner once more and kinda fell in love with NSW's Central Tablelands, resolved with Luke that if we bought a car we could explore all these little country roads and towns and take some awesome photos and  buy crazy homemade relishes and good things, watched 6 episodes in a row of the new series Once Upon A Time (my brother and my mum are similarly hooked!), started reading the Hunger Games in advance of watching the film (Katniss, you rock), went to the Blue Mountains for 24 hours and revelled in the mysterious mist around me at nightfall, got my paws on a bottle of Stony Pine Gin (it has Australian native herbs and botanicals which makes it extra-unique so I'm saving this New World gin for the right moment), watched a film about a girl in Paris who is obsessed with Woody Allen, watched Woody Allen make a cameo in the aforementioned film and had to stop myself from squealing with delight (along with the audience!), bought a pair of patent maroon brogues and love their shiny-manly-clunkiness,  have been a little bit addicted to that freshly-scrubbed feeling that my Clarisonic gives me, been appreciating Sydney doing that amazing Autumn thing that I love so much, seriously...Sydney is the absolute best in Autumn; crisp air and sunny bright blue big skies, perfect, perfect, perfect.

So that's been my March so far.  I will post about some of these things in more detail, just thought I needed to make an appearance on my blog...what a bad host I am.

Hope you are all swell


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