6 February 2012

on taking photos....

" Everybody does that now. We all take pics… you do the same with holiday photos. You record something to look back on it, even though you’re not really there when you’re taking the picture ‘cause you’re too busy recording it - so you retrospectively go to look back on where you weren’t and tell yourself you had a good time.'
                              -Dylan Moran 

I have a friend who is well travelled and hardly takes any photos, if any at all. This astounds me, but then again I really feel like I am bursting with electricity and energy when I take photos.  It does something that my brain just finds so agreeable.  And I can get just as excited taking photos around my room, or in my street; it certainly doesn't have to be foreign lands.   I always make sure that I absorb where I am first, because I don't want to only experience a place through the photos I took afterwards (hence the above quote which sums it up much better than I ever could).  It's such an empty waste of an experience.  I absorb, enjoy, and then I think about what would be the best way to try and sum up how I perceived something in a photograph.

I realised just now, I STILL haven't posted about our amazing trip back in September...isn't that bizarre? Maybe I'm nervous that writing about it won't capture what we felt and experienced.  I know the photos certainly capture many aspects of it, good! I worked my backside off to take them and thought carefully about each one because I knew that I'd want to remember these vistas forever, and I knew that each place had it's own energy and needed to be treated differently within the context of a frame.   I would really like to share some with you, and also, to get some printed up.  Isn't that the curse of the digital age? Because you have them on your computer you tend to forget that you can hold them, display them on your wall or in an album like you did analog photographs.   I'm going to print some up, it's time.

mid-week afternoon light in Reykjavik

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