9 February 2012

It's a man's world

Perusing the excellent online version of The Shortlist,  I found a tab called 'Instant Improvement'. This intrigued me, and I must say; judging by the many (suprisingly genuine) 'how to' guides offered here, it must be seriously dangerous and difficult business being a man in this day and age. Good luck to you gents!

 little George Clooney

Here are the links to some skills that I think are essential for the modern man;

-How to avoid a bullet

-How to make perfect onion rings

-How to survive a cougar attack

-How to propose

-How to make the perfect paper plane

-How to jump from a first floor window and survive

-How to get into opera

-How to iron a shirt without leaving a crease

-How to wear shorts

-How not to lose contact with friends

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