22 January 2012

Thirty, flirty and thriving

So far, being 30 is pretty good. I have felt very loved this entire week, and Luke spoiled me rotten...I'm not used to being spoiled.

We received the box of books we posted to Oz when we were on holiday in London this week too, it was thrilling opening it up and seeing the books we bought from our trip. I pretended that they were another birthday present (!), and it has been months of waiting for them so I had forgotten exactly what they were.
Luke had a lot of architectural theory books, I had a slim book of poems from Iceland, some paperbacks from NYC (from the amazing Strand and the huuuuuuuge Barnes & Noble near us in Union Square), an amaaaaaaaaazing book of stories about and from Venice and a couple of books about all the secret and lovely walks you can do in London. I will post photos of our book box soon. I like those two words together; book.....box.

The books about London made me so teary, and I felt such an urge to be back there again I couldn't even turn the pages towards the end. I pretended that just for a moment all these things were right outside my door, I could put on my jacket and start walking along the Thames, or along cobble stoned streets and meet my friends later in a warm pub.
Leaving London, or indeed, missing London, has been one of the single biggest heartaches of my short life. It's different from mourning a person, obviously. Have you even mourned for an entire city? A country? It's such a strange all-encompassing bittersweet melancholy. Often I grow tired of it because it exhausts me, but I know it's my heart telling me that's where I should be, and you shouldn't ignore your heart.

I also learned this week that I hugely and almost exclusively prefer gin martinis. Luke made me the most amazing martini I've ever had. It was so simple, but the flavours were so clean and fragrant and refreshing; thank you Tanqueray! He's really gone out of his way this year, but as he sees it, 30 is a landmark birthday and the presents should reflect that. I can't wait to look back on these things in 10, 20, 30 years time and see how they've aged and worn and remember how loved and blubbery with tears of surprise I felt this week when I opened them up. (Number one extravagant present, a sublime pearl necklace with little pearl earrings...swoon). I love pearls, . I'm not a (white) diamond gal at all, ever. Black diamonds, yes; which is why I have them on my engagement ring!

They were so cool to touch when I lifted them out of the box, and in next to no time the contact with your skin warms them up and they glow in a special way. Utterly magical.

Here's a clip from a wonderful, cheesy, nostalgic, sweet and funny movie that I have such a soft spot for:

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