1 January 2012


Every year I quietly make the same simple resolutions:  eat more vegetables, drink more water, walk a bit more/smoke a bit less. 
For 2012 I thought I'd add more of the personal fulfillment aspect (the health aspect is always there, so that's a given)  and so here are some things I'd like to really focus on in the coming year:

-read more
-specifically, read Ulysses well before June 16 (eek!)
-take more photos, it's all about the everyday moments.
-save my pennies
-try and make the best of Sydney, instead of having my mind in other places
-don't buy anymore uneccessary stuff, I have more than enough
-plan an excellent dream vacation
-make good use of the oven
-get my licence...finally.
-go to the beach, even if it's not to get in the water
-picnics with friends
-tap dance lessons
-print some photos, instead of storing them away on the computer
-watch more movies
-spend more time with people that inspire and re-energise, avoid the others.
-write more

(go here for a great list written by a great man, and I agree with almost everything he wrote on it!)

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