11 January 2012

pretty Penguins

I think Penguin is making us (me) more shallow.  How could you NOT judge a book by it's cover when they look like this? Luckily they are all classics too, so the judging happened long before you or I took our first breath.
a set of Dickens...ok by me!

 the modern illustrated covers on some older titles are also exciting

the food collection, writing from the last 400 years. Yum!

the original classics, now up to 29 titles I believe

the new set that made me swoon;
 Art Deco foil print covers for F. Scott Fitzgerald...sigh.

My favourites are the ones in the Great Ideas series.  Tiny slim volumes with embossed and pressed covers each with their own font or design and some of the greatest thoughts and essays from some fascinating people. They are up to series 5. There are 20 in a series.
 They are about a fiver each.  Phwoar. One day.

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