31 January 2012


We saw this last night, it's such a novelty going to see an opera at the Opera House..and we have such a lovely one in Sydney!  Graeme Murphy's production was gorgeous and fluid, the stage was crammed full of people at some parts and the costumes and sets were gorgeous. 
I had big fat tears hanging in the corners of my eyes during Nessun Dorma and I haven't been able to stop humming it ever since.   

Here's Placido with a pretty neat version:

27 January 2012

Blue + Green

This dress makes me happy, it's like wearing an artwork.  Whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen' was an idiot.

Reed Krakoff silk chiffon wrap dress via Net-a-Porter

26 January 2012


Is it just me, or is Clooney looking like Papa Hemingway in this photo?


Also, here are some blonde jokes via McSweeney's as Hemingway no doubt would have told them if you asked him for one:

Q. Why was the blonde staring at the frozen orange juice container?
A. The container brought to mind the Sunday breakfasts with her mother in the days before she took her life.

Q. How many blondes does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Margot preferred darkness.

                   photo via the chive

25 January 2012

Pin-up gal

I should very much love to have this huge poster hanging somewhere in my house, preferably near a reading nook and not too far away from a martini. Dorothy you are magnificent.

22 January 2012

big love: Brooklyn Bridge

This bridge is fantastic. This photo is also fantastic.  I wish I were back there walking across it right now.

photo of workers painting the Brooklyn Bridge October 1,1914 taken by Eugene de Salignac

Thirty, flirty and thriving

So far, being 30 is pretty good. I have felt very loved this entire week, and Luke spoiled me rotten...I'm not used to being spoiled.

We received the box of books we posted to Oz when we were on holiday in London this week too, it was thrilling opening it up and seeing the books we bought from our trip. I pretended that they were another birthday present (!), and it has been months of waiting for them so I had forgotten exactly what they were.
Luke had a lot of architectural theory books, I had a slim book of poems from Iceland, some paperbacks from NYC (from the amazing Strand and the huuuuuuuge Barnes & Noble near us in Union Square), an amaaaaaaaaazing book of stories about and from Venice and a couple of books about all the secret and lovely walks you can do in London. I will post photos of our book box soon. I like those two words together; book.....box.

The books about London made me so teary, and I felt such an urge to be back there again I couldn't even turn the pages towards the end. I pretended that just for a moment all these things were right outside my door, I could put on my jacket and start walking along the Thames, or along cobble stoned streets and meet my friends later in a warm pub.
Leaving London, or indeed, missing London, has been one of the single biggest heartaches of my short life. It's different from mourning a person, obviously. Have you even mourned for an entire city? A country? It's such a strange all-encompassing bittersweet melancholy. Often I grow tired of it because it exhausts me, but I know it's my heart telling me that's where I should be, and you shouldn't ignore your heart.

I also learned this week that I hugely and almost exclusively prefer gin martinis. Luke made me the most amazing martini I've ever had. It was so simple, but the flavours were so clean and fragrant and refreshing; thank you Tanqueray! He's really gone out of his way this year, but as he sees it, 30 is a landmark birthday and the presents should reflect that. I can't wait to look back on these things in 10, 20, 30 years time and see how they've aged and worn and remember how loved and blubbery with tears of surprise I felt this week when I opened them up. (Number one extravagant present, a sublime pearl necklace with little pearl earrings...swoon). I love pearls, . I'm not a (white) diamond gal at all, ever. Black diamonds, yes; which is why I have them on my engagement ring!

They were so cool to touch when I lifted them out of the box, and in next to no time the contact with your skin warms them up and they glow in a special way. Utterly magical.

Here's a clip from a wonderful, cheesy, nostalgic, sweet and funny movie that I have such a soft spot for:

14 January 2012

Colossal: Rainbow Brite

I dare you to check out my new favourite website and not be leapfrogging around the posts for hours and hours looking at all the beauty and wonder a creative mind can think of. It's moments like these that make me so proud to be human, and hopeful that all is not lost.  
Here are some of the more colourful examples:

Chromatic typewriter by Tyree Callahan


 Aqueous Fluoreau by Mark Mawson 

this room used to be white, before Yayoi Kusama gave
 kids free reign with thousands of stickers

what David T. Waller did with 2500 toy cars

11 January 2012

pretty Penguins

I think Penguin is making us (me) more shallow.  How could you NOT judge a book by it's cover when they look like this? Luckily they are all classics too, so the judging happened long before you or I took our first breath.
a set of Dickens...ok by me!

 the modern illustrated covers on some older titles are also exciting

the food collection, writing from the last 400 years. Yum!

the original classics, now up to 29 titles I believe

the new set that made me swoon;
 Art Deco foil print covers for F. Scott Fitzgerald...sigh.

My favourites are the ones in the Great Ideas series.  Tiny slim volumes with embossed and pressed covers each with their own font or design and some of the greatest thoughts and essays from some fascinating people. They are up to series 5. There are 20 in a series.
 They are about a fiver each.  Phwoar. One day.

8 January 2012

down in the Grey Gardens...

And while we're at it, the ladies from Grey Gardens have a lot to answer for...if only I could dress like that!  Miss Drew gives it her classiest effort with great results:


Cleo meets Mary

I just ordered these two items, now all I need is a knee length A-line black leather skirt and my dream outfit is complete.  Think Cleopatra meets Mary Poppins.

7 January 2012

Eva Marie Saint

Both the photograph and the subject are stunning.  Sigh.  

photo by Phillipe Halsman

ain't gonna find no miracles here

"You and me, we were the pretenders;
we let it all slip away. In the end what you don't surrender, well the world  just strips away..."

amazing polaroid by moominsean

4 January 2012

those were the days...

I couldn't help myself and spent a bit of time poring over vintage photos on etsy, these are a few of the dozen or so I ended up choosing and they are now on their way to me. 
So wonderful to look at.

Isn't this couple just the bees knees? They look gorgeous together!

hats hats hats....yes yes yes!!

I think I was drawn to this because they are all raven haired,
 so used to seeing only mousey brown or light blonde hairstyles.

2 January 2012

I'll always be Alice Toklas if you'll be Gertrude Stein

My parents and I watched Mame over Christmas twice in a row, and could not get enough.
I really just want to be Bea Arthur/Vera Charles.  Jammed full of scathing and hilarious lines with two amazing leading ladies and costumes and music galore. Yes please!

1 January 2012


Every year I quietly make the same simple resolutions:  eat more vegetables, drink more water, walk a bit more/smoke a bit less. 
For 2012 I thought I'd add more of the personal fulfillment aspect (the health aspect is always there, so that's a given)  and so here are some things I'd like to really focus on in the coming year:

-read more
-specifically, read Ulysses well before June 16 (eek!)
-take more photos, it's all about the everyday moments.
-save my pennies
-try and make the best of Sydney, instead of having my mind in other places
-don't buy anymore uneccessary stuff, I have more than enough
-plan an excellent dream vacation
-make good use of the oven
-get my licence...finally.
-go to the beach, even if it's not to get in the water
-picnics with friends
-tap dance lessons
-print some photos, instead of storing them away on the computer
-watch more movies
-spend more time with people that inspire and re-energise, avoid the others.
-write more

(go here for a great list written by a great man, and I agree with almost everything he wrote on it!)

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