16 December 2012


I still haven't found time to write, but here are some photos from last month;

Luke made my bouquet, including local lavender, gumnuts and paper daisies  xo

We love the Langham...the pool is stunning and everything is very old-world and elegant.

to us beer lovers, Chimay is better than champagne.

of course I had two kilos of olives at our family bbq the next day, of course I chose 
(and tasted) several varieties myself and then combined them, 
of course they were all Greek.

more photos to trickle through eventually....

29 November 2012

November rain (or, "first dance songs my husband vetoed")

Sorry I've not been here lately; life and attempting to be a grown up is distracting me from the fun of my blog, how dull!

Let's have a bit of music, shall we? First, some background on today's selection;

Luke and I got married earlier in November, it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't. I was told later on that as I was walking down the path to the garden, Wendy Whiteley was looking at our little gathering from her balcony.   Her garden means a lot to us, so close to our home and it was just the sweetest secret and quiet location we could share with our families.

On to the important stuff....we do not like attention, so the idea of having a first dance in front of people was utterly laughable and did not happen. However, I had many many songs that I thought would be pretty cool for our first dance and I ran a few of them by Luke. He was not so enthusiastic.

'The Right Stuff'  -New Kids on the Block

'November Rain' -Guns N Roses

'Rooms on Fire' -Stevie Nicks

In the end, our first dance was lovely and private and spontaneous ...I think it was the harmonica intro that did it. Thanks Ryan!

11 October 2012

anxiety is...

Anaïs Nin via Debbie Millman on Etsy

1 September 2012

31 August 2012

August and everything after

I haven't posted a single thing all month and now August has gone...

In a nutshell, I started a new job and it's great.  I'll say the rest in pictures:

let sleeping dogs lie

Biennale @ Cockatoo Island

 Biennale @ Cockatoo Island

Biennale @ Pier 2/3

sour cherry + pistachio

defrosting the freezer

Sunday afternoon

wasabi / honey yuzu / balsamic

a great costume Daniel-san!

not so great Johnny



Biennale @ the AGNSW


28 July 2012

opening ceremony

Look at what Luke ordered just in time for the Olympics!  I stayed up through the night waiting for the opening ceremony to start in the wee hours of the morning here in Sydney. Loved it. Sigh. 

Love you London.

20 July 2012

The Chain

This performance is amazing, hats off to you Mister Buckingham!

19 July 2012

The Hollow Crown

So....Sam Mendes and the folks at BBC have so kindly tackled some of the Histories, and cast amazing actors as the players, and made me so happy I could squeal. 
But instead of squeal, I'm just gonna get my major Bard geek on, and get all up in the backstabbing and politics of the kings. Also, I will try not to think about how much Ben Whishaw's Richard II looks like a grown up Byzantine Jesus. 

And Hal. Dear sweet foolish Hal who grows up to be a bit of an alright as Henry V.


18 July 2012


This is my current favourite photo....for two great reasons:

13 July 2012

a Dorothy Parker poem on steriods

That's how Kim Addonizio introduces her poem "The Matter", as always it's a privilege to hear the poet talk about and read their poem. Hope you like it also:

The Matter - Kim Addonizio

Some men break your heart in two…
—Dorothy Parker, “Experience

Some men carry you to bed with your boots on.
Some men say your name like a verbal tic.
Some men slap on an emotional surcharge for every erotic encounter.
Some men are slightly mentally ill, and thinking of joining a gym.
Some men have moved on and can’t be seduced, even in the dream bars you meet them in.
Some men who were younger are now the age you were then.
Some men aren’t content with mere breakage, they’ve got to burn you to the ground.
Some men you’ve reduced to ashes are finally dusting themselves off.
Some men are made of fiberglass.
Some men have deep holes drilled in by a war, you can’t fill them.
Some men are delicate and torn.
Some men will steal your bracelet if you let them spend the night.
Some men will want to fuck your poems, and instead they will find you.
Some men will say, “I’d like to see how you look when you come,” and then hail a cab.
Some men are a list of ingredients with no recipe.
Some men never see you.
Some men will blindfold you during sex, then secretly put on high heels.
Some men will try on your black fishnet stockings in a hotel in Rome, or Saran Wrap you
to a bedpost in New Orleans.
Some of these men will be worth trying to keep.
Some men will write smugly condescending reviews of your work, making you remember
these lines by Frank O’Hara:
I cannot possibly think of you/other than you are: the assassin/ of my orchards.
Some men, let’s face it, really are too small.
Some men are too large, but it’s not usually a deal breaker.
Some men don’t have one at all.
Some men will slap you in a way you’ll like.
Some men will want to crawl inside you to die.
Some men never clean up the matter.
Some men hand you their hearts like leaflets,
and some men’s hearts seem to circle forever: you catch sight of them on clear nights,
bright dots among the stars, and wait for their orbits to decay, for them to fall to earth.

12 July 2012

rolling for fifty

Today is the 50 year anniversary of the Rolling Stones first gig.  Well well!!

Source: google.nl via Joëlle on Pinterest

no one like Nora

"To state the obvious, romantic comedies have to be funny and they have to be romantic. But one of the most important things, for me anyway, is that they be about two strong people finding their way to love."
                                                                -Nora Ephron         

The world is missing Nora so terribly, it was her memorial service a couple of days ago...here are some great celebrations:

Tom Hanks on his friend Nora
Living in You've Got Mail
Seeing Nora Everywhere by Lena Dunham
Nora's own love story with her New York apartment

You've Got Mail is the film I've the biggest soft-spot for. It's Meg Ryan's perfect little Brownstone apartment, her pyjamas, her love of daisies, the adorable children's bookstore; and don't you just lose it when Tom Hanks writes to her “don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” 

Every time. Thank you Nora.

10 July 2012

pin it

My blog may be looking quite forlorn and neglected of late...but there is always my pinterest. 

Although the librarian in me bemoans the fact that photos and sources are often incorrectly labelled and categorised, it still is great for that quick hit of inspiration and wonder that only images can produce.

Some of my recent favourites: 

9 July 2012

get a job

This is my anthem right now:

8 July 2012

Romantic? Hemingway?

"Romantic? Hemingway? He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered half of
  his life hanging around Picasso 
                        trying to nail his leftovers."
                                                                                           -Kat Stratford

I have to hand it to her...she's kinda right. And he killed a lot of animals.  But I still enjoy his perfunctory prose, and his beard. How great is this film thirteen years later?  Kat was my hero   ( and I guess still is in some way) when I was in my last year of high school.

6 July 2012

wild thing

I haven't been to the zoo in almost a decade but recently we revisited Sydney's Taronga and it did not disappoint.  We now have dreams of going over to Dubbo to visit the more safari-like atmosphere of the Western Plains Zoo.  I mainly have dreams of riding my bicycle around the place whilst wearing a pith helmet, and staying overnight at the zoo to wake up hearing the animals in the early morning.

Here are three of the big cats we met (my photos came up a crystal-clear dream thanks to my baby the Fuji x100) :

21 June 2012


We got back from Melbourne a few days ago. It was predictably awesome, and SO good to spend some time with one of my best gals, Leonie!

There is an amazing Persian poetry exhibition on right now at the State Library, it was so beautifully put together...a lot of swooning and sighing from me walking around and gawking at the stories and sublime illustrations.

The places we whet our whistle were abundant with excellent musical choices playing. I like it when the universe reminds you of what you love when you sometimes forget.  Thanks, universe.

So here are a few songs that remind me of our quick little trip, all reasons are excellent:

Down by the river:


Got my mind set on you:

31 May 2012


This was the very first thing that made me want to learn how to drive, and still to this day is perhaps the strongest argument in my head to get my licence....

29 May 2012

Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog

Oh you guys, my calendar has film stills from Westerns (yeah...it's pretty much the most awesome calendar ever) and it also notes the birthdays of certain actors, ergo the legend that is Clint Eastwood is turning 82 on Thursday! Phwoar.  

Let's celebrate already, eh?

What's that? You haven't seen 'Paint your wagon'? Ever? Not even as a Sunday midday movie on telly when you were little? Go...watch, now!  Clint is a *babe*, and he sings, and it's hilarious, you'll love it...promise. Look:

Also, here is Clint Eastwood with a baby armadillo, because that is how he rolls. 

Not only is he a badass and a legend, he is also a champion for equal rights. Yesssssss:


28 May 2012

I've always been a fool for a conversation and a couple of smokes

Since I haven't been able to get this excellent song out of my head for days and days...here is Justin, pacing to-and-fro in a library singing 'Christchurch woman' :

And the same song with added instruments, an introduction about the song, and good-naturedly teasing his dad for actually fielding a phone call as he's talking to the crowd:

Which version do you prefer? Even though Steve Earle has a lovely cameo in the latter, I must say I am very pro 'gorgeously-bespectacled-talented-boys-singing-in-a-library' *swoons quietly in her chair* .

PS:   Bonus points for the very honest line "she may be pretty but someday I'll get sick of her shit"...ain't that the truth.

27 May 2012

The Gilmore Girls list

Ah the internet.  It feels like almost everything in the world is on there.   And guess what I found via pinterest?  A complete list of all the books read by Rory Gilmore.  Is that the craziest thing ever?  Go on, take a gander at the long list and then feel bad that you haven't read as much as a fictional character has across her very short lifetime.  (No Jess reading lists that I can see...but assume it's going to be similar to Rory's plus full of music-related titles).

Also....amazing internet. Some dear souls have put together a wiki of all the books / films / songs / pop-culture-references by every episode in every season of the Gilmore Girls.  

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

20 May 2012

the Eastwood tree

Clint Eastwood has a lot of children by several different women.  His daughters all seem very pretty and tend to take after their mothers.  His sons? Well:



Genetics.  Such a wondrous thing.

18 May 2012

London calling

The city is calling me back home, big big BIG time.


the baby

Even though my dog Monty is bigger in size than his older brother Mojo, he will always be the baby of our family.  Look at that face, just home from the vet last night:

Not surprisingly, everyone at the vet clinic and out on the street was crushing on Montague big time, he's a handsome lad and works his charisma like nobody's business. 

17 May 2012

this is me right now, this one word

list·less    adj \ˈlist-ləs\

Definition of LISTLESS
: characterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit <a listless melancholy attitude>
— list·less·ly adverb
— list·less·ness noun

Examples of LISTLESS

The heat made everyone tired and listless.
The party was a listless affair.
He became listless, answered in monosyllables, gurgled, drank a great deal of whisky, and looked with hateful eyes at everyone. —Isaiah Berlin, New York Times Book Review, 12 Apr. 1987

Origin of LISTLESS
Middle English listles,
First Known Use: 15th century

16 May 2012

set fire to the rain

My brain is a muddle of Voices....watching the US, UK and Oz versions all at the same time I have concluded that:

1) The UK easily has the best voices of the three 
2) The US has the most entertaining coaches (read: great bickering and humour)
3) Oz has the nicest ever coaches but the slowest pace 
4) The Oz coaches also sound really good together when they perform, the UK is the worst.

After I heard this audition below from Sam Buttery in the UK, I don't enjoy Adele's version as much anymore and prefer this one!

15 May 2012


I love this perfume, not only is it named after my all-time favourite flower but the actual scent is so quietly subtle and green and earthy and delicate. Makes me instantly feel better, happier, calmer. 

How simple is the bottle too? Quite old school and no nonsense. Prada wins again.

12 May 2012

thought catalog

I just found and really quite like, these two prose pieces from Stephanie Georgopoulos...I hope you do too:

Things You Won’t Do With Your Next Boyfriend

How We Talk About The People We Don’t Know Anymore


10 May 2012

8 May 2012

Playing the building

Hats off to David Byrne and his fun and thoughtful democratising of music/architecture:

7 May 2012

bare feet

Look at the pure joy on Judy's face when she's with Mickey....and the moment she kicks off her heels to dance in just her stockings with him? Perfect.


19 April 2012

Pear and Gruyere pie

I love Pushing Daisies. When Chuck mentioned this pie in one of the episodes, I paid attention. Seems many other fans also paid attention because there's a whole bunch of recipes out there, all of them make me hungry.  

There is one version I think I can replicate, perhaps at the weekend. A bonus is it uses ready made pastry, because seriously...as if I'm going to make my own pastry (I may consider making this one which uses vodka though).

Go here for Emily's excellently simple Pear and Gruyere pie recipe.

I wish it came with a side of Ned...you can hold on to the homeopathic antidepressants though!

Charlie Chaplin Cocktail

This is my current favourite cocktail; and like some of the very best cocktails, it only has three ingredients.

-Sloe Gin
-Apricot Brandy or Apricot Liqueur
-Lime juice

One shot (or ounce) of each, shake with ice and strain (preferably into a champagne saucer because I love them). Simple enough but tart, sweet, and sour in all the right places! 

Here's Charlie making who knows what:

I'm currently collecting my favourite 3 ingredient cocktail recipes to share with you. Bottoms up!

17 April 2012

The Whishaw

wooden box

This seems impractical and possibly heavy, but....I heart it anyways. 
Wooden clutch by French Connection:

11 April 2012

Gold Dust woman

I know this is silly, but of all the apps I have on my phone, this is the one I have been using the most.

It's so relaxing and silly and fun and magical!  Who doesn't like the thought of having gold dust shoot from their fingers, or writing your name and having it shimmer and sparkle? I've been watching too many episodes of Once Upon A Time, I know.

But seriously, it's lovely!  That is all.

the perfect dress

Big call, I know...but just look at it. Think of the fun you would have in it, dressing it up, or down.
I see this with my Converse sneakers, I see this with my polka dot suede wedges, or with a ponytail and kitten flick eyeliner, or messy hair and a smudge of coral lippie with tan sandals.

Or, with knee high boots, and a tartan coat and a long sleeved top underneath in the cooler weather.

It's the right side of Mod and it's perfect, no?


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