6 December 2011

these are a few of my favourite things...

a bunch of things my brain is saying 'yes!' to right now:

This little snippet of Buster Keaton's "One Week" :

I don't normally ponder nail polish, and seldom even paint my nails (I do however have a deep mistrust of people who frequently get manicures; it might be a 50/50 split between 'are they just bored and vapid? are they high maintenance?') but I have 'chinchilly' in my stash and I am mystified by it's strange properties. It is all at once translucent and opaque, warm, cool, neutral, and seemingly gray but also with a bit of lilac. I bought this pretty around midnight at one of those 24 hour chemist places in NYC that sell prescriptions and food, and booze, and makeup and cigarettes (another thing in sum total that my brain says 'yes!' to) because it was raining outside and we wanted shelter and snacks so this place was perfect. I digress. Essie do lovely creamy textured, subtle and interesting shades, but back here in Oz they sadly retail closer to 20 bucks each instead of 7 or 8 clams in the States.  I just wrote a paragraph about nail polish.
I am amazed and horrified all at once.

Let's rectify this with a brilliant po-mo tumblr featuring The Gosling: 

side note:  I don't find him overwhelmingly attractive but concede his acting choices intrigue me as does the usage of an adorable kids choir for his odd little band Dead Man's Bones. Oh, and that time he gave onesies out to everyone in the audience. Right on.

And my new favourite blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style does what I love best...it talks about trite pop culture musings like they are not trite pop culture musings and instead sooooooooo important and loaded with meaning and social reflection.  Which they are, and also are not.   My bestie Mel and I excel at this, it makes me feel better about wasting so much of my time watching tv shows and bad movies. But then again, analysing characters and story arcs in tv shows or films and the image of celebrity and actors etc. is very similar to how you respond to a text or author in English Lit.   Just more fun. Trust me.

Even though I showed this to Luke, and even though he laughed at me...I secretly think he wants one of these too:

Juice box camera.  They make me smile.

and they will probably take this down in a heartbeat (for the record, in case they do it's Prince's 'money don't matter tonight') but damn this fuzzy video really does hit it:

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