11 December 2011

my two scents

I've been wearing these two this week:

This oil from Kiehl's is a bit magical. It's not really that musky (on me, anyways) but for some reason it reminds me of being seven, playing in my grandmother's house on a sunny day with the faint smell of her hairspray hanging in the air of her bedroom back in the 80's.  Then after the initial hit, it slowly turns soft, soapy, clean and mellow.  Is that weird?  I can't believe I've stumbled upon something that takes me back to a really, really happy time and place so quickly.  

I love Lolita Lempicka. I've been wearing the first fragrance for the better part of this decade so I'm happy that with Si Lolita it captures things that I am really growing quite fond of as I get older, less of the floral/fruity stuff and more spicy and subtle.
It starts off quite zingy and spicy with citrus and even a bit of pepper, then turns softer and creamier and richer. It's actually a perfect compliment layering it with the Kiehl's oil, but is nicely quirky on it's own. 

I'm still researching some masculine fragrances to invest in, I think they smell just as good on women and I prefer them because you don't smell sickly sweet like a walking dessert or a fruit platter. Lately I love wearing the first Prada perfume, it just fits really comfortably and doesn't shout at you for attention. I'm also leaning towards maybe investing in Prada's Amber for men and/or their Iris infusion, they just know how to do quiet and refined fragrances.

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