12 December 2011

Happy Birthday Bestie!!!

Today is Mel's birthday, she is currently on a well-deserved holiday in Malaysia with her family and so I am sure she will be having the best day, and no one deserves it more than her.  
Normally around her birthday is the staff xmas party at UCL, and it is cold, cold, cold in London town, so I am so chuffed that she gets to do something very different this year.  I wish I was celebrating with her, and getting the very cute Diego Luna-esque bartender to make up a special cocktail just for her (as per last time), but knowing she's closer to my end of the world is pretty good.

So Happy Birthday to a gorgeous gal who has one of the best laughs, wickedest sense of humour, best advice, total generosity of spirit, spoils me rotten, is the best at karaoke, bursts into song and/or dance at a moment's notice, is completely genuine, caring and fabulous and made London a thousand times better for me just by being in it.    You are one in seven billion!

Melly on our lovely girly date in October this year 


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