10 December 2011

babies galore

Everyone I know seems to be having babies. 
Two shiny new ones have been born very, very recently, and there are another four on the way due early next year....that's a LOT right? One of the many rad things about being an auntie figure (although tiny babies scare me like nothing else, seriously...I can't even hold them, I am terrified of breaking them) is that I can indulge and share in my love of children's book, retro clothing and mix-tape-making for the little ones and their parents.  So much fun.  What's the point in having a librarian in your life if they're not going to gift you with awesome books, right?   I am happy that there are books now focused on the parents too (re:  Go the F*#k to Sleep)  but my personal favourite is this one:

right here
It's funny, and sad, and dark and so, so true!!!  Sigh.

Let's hang out with sweet Jason Schwartzman as he buys records for his baby, shall we?

And I 100% agree with the Beatles/ I'll follow the sun...haven't heard it in so long:

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