31 December 2011

the end of 2011

Thank all manner of heavenly beings that 2011 is drawing to a close,  it was intense to say the least. I am thinking about silly but essential resolutions, and reflecting on this crazy year and what the next one holds (and what cocktails I would like to be sipping tonight). 
Here's Zooey and JGL with a sweet little ditty that just makes me sigh and grin at the same time, they are too cute. Let's hope that 2012 is bigger, better, stronger, brighter and happier!


30 December 2011

I wanna do that too!

I am almost 100% sure that exposure to the combination of Bill Robinson and Shirley Temple when I was little is the original source for my gushing love of dancing, especially in film, and of secretly wishing I had a whole percussion section in my toes.   
Maybe I should finally get those tap lessons after all... 

But right now, I have a strong yearning to re-watch 'the littlest rebel'.

24 December 2011

the night before Christmas...

The funniest thing I've seen for a while, had me grinning from ear to ear. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


New favourite online shop, and only 10 clams to deliver within Australia. Yikes.
Some things in my dream virtual shopping trolley:

I could get used to this waking me up in the mornings,
 I'd pretend I was living in the 1950's.

super cute British cupcake decorations

Wouldn't this make a sweet housewarming gift?  
Big love to you Rob Ryan!

I've had my eye on this wool felt rug for about 3.5 years now. 
Every time I would go into Paperchase, I would pat it and dream 
about where I would have it in my home. One day, one day.

Sweet little fabric suitcase, would be nice to take on a solitary 
excursion to the park
 with a good book and a mini-picnic for one, no?

I have an irrational need for this glowing white bunny lamp. 
Why? I can't explain.

23 December 2011

go Brontës!

I feel like I should re-read Jane Eyre before watching the film (which is hard, because it looks wonderful and Mia's face is so incredibly still and I am impatient)  and then lo! what's this I see? Wuthering Heights has been done recently again too! The trailer was so intriguing.  Would like to read more Brontë stories please, have added to my Kindle accordingly.


I wish they'd re-print Philippe Halsman's book.  He is awesome. 

12 December 2011


Three little and beautiful things to start off my week:

1. The pretty young woman who shared her leopard-print brolly with me waiting to cross the road.
2. The little brother and big sister trying to moonwalk on the street in front of their father's shop.
3. A comforting nourishing bowl of my mama's lentil soup.

Stevie says....

Happy Birthday to ya Melly!   We were actually at this very show in Hyde Park last year, and it was a brrrrrrrrrrrrilliant happy happy day full of sunshine.


Happy Birthday Bestie!!!

Today is Mel's birthday, she is currently on a well-deserved holiday in Malaysia with her family and so I am sure she will be having the best day, and no one deserves it more than her.  
Normally around her birthday is the staff xmas party at UCL, and it is cold, cold, cold in London town, so I am so chuffed that she gets to do something very different this year.  I wish I was celebrating with her, and getting the very cute Diego Luna-esque bartender to make up a special cocktail just for her (as per last time), but knowing she's closer to my end of the world is pretty good.

So Happy Birthday to a gorgeous gal who has one of the best laughs, wickedest sense of humour, best advice, total generosity of spirit, spoils me rotten, is the best at karaoke, bursts into song and/or dance at a moment's notice, is completely genuine, caring and fabulous and made London a thousand times better for me just by being in it.    You are one in seven billion!

Melly on our lovely girly date in October this year 


11 December 2011

like a zeppelin in the sky

These photos are brilliant, and of course somewhere inside I may secretly be imagining that Indiana Jones is getting into all sorts of hijinks with one of these...

 old postcard from Japan

a Graf zeppelin

maybe the best thing I've seen in a while..... a zeppelin over Jerusalem, 1931

Foto fun

Here are some things from the fun Photojojo site that I popped in my cart recently. This summer all I want to do is get out there and take photos. I have resolved to always have some sort of camera in my bag at all times (no, the camera on my mobile phone does not count).

a bottle tripod mount...um, where have you been all my life?

an animal figure photo holder, hello deer!

set of 3 weighted wires with tiny strong magnets to hold your photos

acrylic colour filters for lenses / flash

My Blueberry Nights

I have no problems watching a movie that is aesthetically pleasing but offers little in the way of substance.  This is how I feel about a lot of things, but movie-wise the first ones that come to mind right now are The Dreamers, The Fall...and in this post, 'My Blueberry Nights'. Maybe because these three could have been so much better and deeper than how they turned out.
I'm torn because everyone with half a brain knows that Wong Kar Wai is deliciously sensual and visual, and this was his first english language film, but it was just so....meh.  But I love love LOVE that he cast the beautiful Norah Jones and Cat Power in it.
I like the idea of female musicians translating all their complexity into an acting performance instead of through notes, melodies and their own lyrics. I could have done without Natalie Portman though, yawn.

my two scents

I've been wearing these two this week:

This oil from Kiehl's is a bit magical. It's not really that musky (on me, anyways) but for some reason it reminds me of being seven, playing in my grandmother's house on a sunny day with the faint smell of her hairspray hanging in the air of her bedroom back in the 80's.  Then after the initial hit, it slowly turns soft, soapy, clean and mellow.  Is that weird?  I can't believe I've stumbled upon something that takes me back to a really, really happy time and place so quickly.  

I love Lolita Lempicka. I've been wearing the first fragrance for the better part of this decade so I'm happy that with Si Lolita it captures things that I am really growing quite fond of as I get older, less of the floral/fruity stuff and more spicy and subtle.
It starts off quite zingy and spicy with citrus and even a bit of pepper, then turns softer and creamier and richer. It's actually a perfect compliment layering it with the Kiehl's oil, but is nicely quirky on it's own. 

I'm still researching some masculine fragrances to invest in, I think they smell just as good on women and I prefer them because you don't smell sickly sweet like a walking dessert or a fruit platter. Lately I love wearing the first Prada perfume, it just fits really comfortably and doesn't shout at you for attention. I'm also leaning towards maybe investing in Prada's Amber for men and/or their Iris infusion, they just know how to do quiet and refined fragrances.

The Whishaw and The Fass

How I love the little NY Times/W videos... 

go here to see The Fass talk about his love of Tom Selleck and sound effects...sigh.

10 December 2011

babies galore

Everyone I know seems to be having babies. 
Two shiny new ones have been born very, very recently, and there are another four on the way due early next year....that's a LOT right? One of the many rad things about being an auntie figure (although tiny babies scare me like nothing else, seriously...I can't even hold them, I am terrified of breaking them) is that I can indulge and share in my love of children's book, retro clothing and mix-tape-making for the little ones and their parents.  So much fun.  What's the point in having a librarian in your life if they're not going to gift you with awesome books, right?   I am happy that there are books now focused on the parents too (re:  Go the F*#k to Sleep)  but my personal favourite is this one:

right here
It's funny, and sad, and dark and so, so true!!!  Sigh.

Let's hang out with sweet Jason Schwartzman as he buys records for his baby, shall we?

And I 100% agree with the Beatles/ I'll follow the sun...haven't heard it in so long:

6 December 2011

property of Michael Cera

This is ten shades of awesome. 

two things: I drove all night

One of the best 'I really should learn how to drive so I can play this while I am der...driving' songs. Cyndi is all at once cute, hilarious and sensual in her video (those arm movements! that microphone and polka dot dress dancing!), and Roy is.....oh, that beautiful clear sad voice over that brisk drumming (and hello...Jason Priestly and Jennifer Connelly in jeans and white t-shirts! )

Adore both versions, and I am sorry but, Celine Dion...you are not invited.

these are a few of my favourite things...

a bunch of things my brain is saying 'yes!' to right now:

This little snippet of Buster Keaton's "One Week" :

I don't normally ponder nail polish, and seldom even paint my nails (I do however have a deep mistrust of people who frequently get manicures; it might be a 50/50 split between 'are they just bored and vapid? are they high maintenance?') but I have 'chinchilly' in my stash and I am mystified by it's strange properties. It is all at once translucent and opaque, warm, cool, neutral, and seemingly gray but also with a bit of lilac. I bought this pretty around midnight at one of those 24 hour chemist places in NYC that sell prescriptions and food, and booze, and makeup and cigarettes (another thing in sum total that my brain says 'yes!' to) because it was raining outside and we wanted shelter and snacks so this place was perfect. I digress. Essie do lovely creamy textured, subtle and interesting shades, but back here in Oz they sadly retail closer to 20 bucks each instead of 7 or 8 clams in the States.  I just wrote a paragraph about nail polish.
I am amazed and horrified all at once.

Let's rectify this with a brilliant po-mo tumblr featuring The Gosling: 

side note:  I don't find him overwhelmingly attractive but concede his acting choices intrigue me as does the usage of an adorable kids choir for his odd little band Dead Man's Bones. Oh, and that time he gave onesies out to everyone in the audience. Right on.

And my new favourite blog Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style does what I love best...it talks about trite pop culture musings like they are not trite pop culture musings and instead sooooooooo important and loaded with meaning and social reflection.  Which they are, and also are not.   My bestie Mel and I excel at this, it makes me feel better about wasting so much of my time watching tv shows and bad movies. But then again, analysing characters and story arcs in tv shows or films and the image of celebrity and actors etc. is very similar to how you respond to a text or author in English Lit.   Just more fun. Trust me.

Even though I showed this to Luke, and even though he laughed at me...I secretly think he wants one of these too:

Juice box camera.  They make me smile.

and they will probably take this down in a heartbeat (for the record, in case they do it's Prince's 'money don't matter tonight') but damn this fuzzy video really does hit it:

5 December 2011

either one of those things will do...

"a man needs something 
he can hold on to; 
nine-pound hammer ....or 
woman like you"

( amazing polaroid from moominsean )

4 December 2011

Hemingway's cup

Suddenly, I have a few new reasons to hop on a ferry and spend the day/evening exercising my liver in Manly...one of them is to have another one of these cocktails, in a book-filled cosy bar called Hemingway's:

They had me at the Hendricks gin, really.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday night, right across from the beach and with this awesome picture of Ernest outside the building:

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