26 November 2011

looking good, Gatsby!

before sunrise / before sunset

Please please please let this be true....I wonder where Jesse & Celine will be next?  
Can't believe it's been seven years already.


where is this?

because I want to go to there...right now.

24 November 2011

hello lover!

Here is my new baby, the Fuji x100. I am so impatient to play...currently waiting for the battery to charge.

It's a sort of early extravagant 30th bday present to myself. Hip hip!

big love: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Do I even need to explain why?  Didn't think so, watch:

18 November 2011

bedroom beauties

I am ready to move straight in, just say when. 

can you imagine the books you would read,
 the heavy sweet sleep you would have?
 the poetry you would write? 

 yes...me too.

after the fire comes a wedding, at Deyrolle

Not only was I lusting after Adriana's outfits during Midnight in Paris, but I was very, very jealous that she attended a Surrealist wedding reception at Deyrolle...

I've been a bit enamoured of that shop for a while now, and remember the tragedy that struck in 2008?  If not, go here for an excellent article via Vanity Fair on the devastating fire and the deep support and new beginning that sprung from it.  I'm still waiting for 'Touched by Fire' to be re-printed. Waiting, waiting. Here is a taste:

13 November 2011

then again...

In a couple of days a new book comes out, it is from one of my heroes and it's about her life and the influence of her amazing mama...cannot wait.  

Also.... Diane Keaton on Twitter? Makes me want to reactivate my account; especially just now when I took a sneak peak and saw this:

looking for the heart of....

Tom Waits should get into stand-up, what a great intro for a wonderful song.

12 November 2011

pretty purses

oh my, humoresque....they are lovely! Both inside and out.

5 November 2011


Don't you hate waiting for things you've bought to arrive in the mail, but love pretending (when you do finally receive them) that someone sent you a very awesome gift?
Here's what I'm currently waiting on (amongst other things):

silk+chiffon+polka dots+pleats = love.

French fairytales

What IS it about the French?  Their films in particular.   I need to watch these two, STAT!
( I wonder if Breillat has read Angela Carter? It's too weird if she hasn't...especially with Bluebeard)

big love: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

and it was such a big love, wasn't it?  I never get bored of looking at photos of them together:


The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

I have the Hemingway and Schopenhauer finger puppets, I really really would like these too:

Frida Kahlo & Monet stuffed toys....just, because.

and for around the house....

Thomas More would like this little notebook I bet.

and I would love an amazing bar of Absinthe soap for the bathroom....yes please!

sooo many great gift ideas to make you grin, but this one is perfect for anyone (read: me) who is begrudgingly chained to their desk in an office all day...

The Sisyphus watch; see him pushing the boulder around and around and around....too perfect.

......aaack, bless the people behind this brill company!


3 November 2011

midnight in Paris

I saw this last night, I am still giddy with how lovely it was....please see it if you can, it's a stunner!

with cameos from some of the most amazing artists and writers and musicians.....Hemingway was a real treat to behold, ditto Gertrude Stein....thanks Woody!

PS: Amy Merrick works her 'living in' magic here


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