22 October 2011

on the street / on the subway

There were two recurring items I kept seeing several times a day around NYC.

On the streets, knee-high Hunter wellies were all the rage amongst the pretty young things. They stuck to the classic colours but occassionally I would see someone with a super bright yellow or red pair.
It wasn't rainy really (a couple of little showers once or twice in a week doesn't really count to me) instead it was unseasonably warm for that time of the year and really did feel like the last days of summer instead of fall.  Still, Hunters are expensive so I guess you want to get as much wear out of them as possible!

On the subway, the cool young things wore these Urbanears, in every shade you can imagine:

I kinda want some, and I don't even really use headphones! 

I liked New York fashion, it made me want to dress far more casually than I normally do.
I think I wore little dresses with my Chuck Taylors almost every other day (I had a couple of Blair Waldorf inspired days too, but hey, I was hanging out at the Met! It's fun to dress up when you're on holidays). And they also do preppy tailoring soooo well.

And the local beers were consistantly great. I don't think we had anything that didn't come from within New York State. Brill. I don't need to convince you of how awesome the city is, do I?
I will say this though, New York really did feel like it is the centre of the universe....I don't know how else to describe it. It is a colossus in every way. Electric.

           Eleven days? Totally not enough time....but a good first effort we think.


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