29 October 2011

60s going on 30...Kirsten Dunst

You know how I feel about Kirsten Dunst. I loved this little feature from the NY Times online.  As my 30th is a few months away I have started emptying my closet of things that are from another life so, imagine my delight when I read this?

I’m currently cleaning out my closet of childish dresses. I want to start dressing like I’m 30. Some of the things I have are like, I can’t wear this anymore, it’s not cute.”

Don't get me wrong, I'm still keeping a handful of things that I will never wear again but that hold great memories. My friend Meg and I were discussing this the other week; how dresses we see are so lovely (the cut, the fabric) but so many of them stop mid-thigh and well, we are not mid-thigh kinda gals (unless opaque stockings are close at hand).
What happened to knee-length or three quarter anything? What happened to lovely tailoring in classic cuts? These items can be so evasive in the shops (cost is a big matter here too) and suddenly the things that were fun and made you feel good to wear a couple of years ago now make you feel like you are trying too hard to stay younger than you are. 

So I want to pare my wardrobe down to a quarter of it's size, but curated so that items are of high quality and beautifully made.  Maybe this can be the ongoing project of the first few years of my 30s.  Whaddya say Kiki?

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