29 October 2011

kindle it

After a year of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge and went down the Kindle road. Glad I did!
As well as freeing up a lot of space and weight in my bag, it has given me the perfect chance to delve into the classics of literature, as well as reading (often free) the complete collections of writing from particular authors (this is the main reason I wanted one, as my books at home are so heavy and hardbacked...not ideal for lugging around).

I have bought a few more contemporary titles from Amazon, the one I'm most excited about is Tomas Tranströmer.... it's not everyday a relatively unknown-outside-his-own-country poet wins the Nobel Prize in Literature.    Ooh and the letters of Sylvia Beach, I am literally drooling with the thought of reading her correspondences with the authors she counted as her friends and about her life running Shakespeare & Co.

I think I seem to have more short stories than anything else; Guy de Maupassant, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Gogol, Chekhov, along with novels I've either started a long time ago or have really meant to get around to (Thomas Moore and Henry Miller, I'm looking at you).

Right now I am swooning around and hiding in the shadows of West Egg, wishing I was in Fitzgerald's New York or that I was wearing floaty white dresses and sipping on gin rickeys along with Jordan and Daisy.  I blame Baz Lurhmann; how could you not want to read the Great Gatsby when you know Leo DiCaprio is in town and wondering how he will make the role his own? He does seem to love (and suit) period pieces, so I have complete faith in him.

As well as buying a practical red leather case for my kindle, I couldn't resist this:

which I love so much, I am tempted to use it as an actual clutch purse, the detailing is beautiful!

How about you? Have you gone down the e-reader road with success?

60s going on 30...Kirsten Dunst

You know how I feel about Kirsten Dunst. I loved this little feature from the NY Times online.  As my 30th is a few months away I have started emptying my closet of things that are from another life so, imagine my delight when I read this?

I’m currently cleaning out my closet of childish dresses. I want to start dressing like I’m 30. Some of the things I have are like, I can’t wear this anymore, it’s not cute.”

Don't get me wrong, I'm still keeping a handful of things that I will never wear again but that hold great memories. My friend Meg and I were discussing this the other week; how dresses we see are so lovely (the cut, the fabric) but so many of them stop mid-thigh and well, we are not mid-thigh kinda gals (unless opaque stockings are close at hand).
What happened to knee-length or three quarter anything? What happened to lovely tailoring in classic cuts? These items can be so evasive in the shops (cost is a big matter here too) and suddenly the things that were fun and made you feel good to wear a couple of years ago now make you feel like you are trying too hard to stay younger than you are. 

So I want to pare my wardrobe down to a quarter of it's size, but curated so that items are of high quality and beautifully made.  Maybe this can be the ongoing project of the first few years of my 30s.  Whaddya say Kiki?

meet you all the way, Rosanna yeah.

Do you have a summer playlist?  I've been listening to this song quite a bit over the last 2 weeks...it makes me laugh, it makes me happy and of course it makes me think of Yacht Rock.
I think I will be adding it to my playlist now that the Sydney weather is brightening up and getting toasty.
So here we go, Rosanna:

the story behind the song (cough):

the single:

twenty years later...Toto still bring it:

22 October 2011

small screen / big screen city

My New York reality kept getting blurred with filmed efforts, particularly the small screen.

Thanks especially to Felicity, I kept feeling like I had a very real and vivid past memory of hanging out in the city. How could you walk around NYU and past a Dean & Deluca and NOT try and keep an eye out for Noel or reminisce about when she tearfully put Ben in his place?  

And Jess Mariano was right, Washington Square Park is where it's at. We thought we'd walk through it quickly to get to somewhere else, but ended up staying there for hours...just watching people all afternoon.
Walking around the upper east side, or central park's Bethesda terrace I could almost hear the expensive clicking heels of Blair & Serena. In Brooklyn I wondered where Dan was getting his morning coffee (for the record, Grumpy's in Park Slope also do flat whites!) 

At night the steam on dark streets made me wonder if that was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I just saw out of the corner of my eye. On 14th street I swooned and hummed Rufus Wainwright to myself. In the New York Public Library I....well, I got a bit teary obviously, it's heaven for a librarian!  At Grand Central I shivered, thinking about Lex Luthor's underground lair. We were staying around Union Square and to my utter delight, a couple of weeks after booking our hotel I found out the exterior was used in Manhattan Murder Mystery, quite perfect if you love Woody Allen films like I do!

That's just some of the stand out moments around the city, but around every corner there were many small fragments of pop culture coming up again and again which made for a very deja vu experience most of the time. This also added to that feeling of being totally comfortable in the city, because it felt like you had always been there.  Oh and how we wished that we'd bump into Jonathan and George and Ray on one of their adventures!

Don't even start me on 30 Rock. I would have cried if I saw Tina Fey.

on the street / on the subway

There were two recurring items I kept seeing several times a day around NYC.

On the streets, knee-high Hunter wellies were all the rage amongst the pretty young things. They stuck to the classic colours but occassionally I would see someone with a super bright yellow or red pair.
It wasn't rainy really (a couple of little showers once or twice in a week doesn't really count to me) instead it was unseasonably warm for that time of the year and really did feel like the last days of summer instead of fall.  Still, Hunters are expensive so I guess you want to get as much wear out of them as possible!

On the subway, the cool young things wore these Urbanears, in every shade you can imagine:

I kinda want some, and I don't even really use headphones! 

I liked New York fashion, it made me want to dress far more casually than I normally do.
I think I wore little dresses with my Chuck Taylors almost every other day (I had a couple of Blair Waldorf inspired days too, but hey, I was hanging out at the Met! It's fun to dress up when you're on holidays). And they also do preppy tailoring soooo well.

And the local beers were consistantly great. I don't think we had anything that didn't come from within New York State. Brill. I don't need to convince you of how awesome the city is, do I?
I will say this though, New York really did feel like it is the centre of the universe....I don't know how else to describe it. It is a colossus in every way. Electric.

           Eleven days? Totally not enough time....but a good first effort we think.


11 October 2011

October already!

Hallo folks... I've been out and about traversing some brilliant parts of the globe these last 5 weeks but I'm back now (sad face) and will be resuming usual posting as soon as I'm over the jetlag...sigh.

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