5 August 2011

panic on the streets of...

Holy shit, can't get that Smiths song out of my head all week.

It's been almost a year since I left Londres, and looking at the footage and violence now spread across the country it really hurts on this strange protective level I have for the city, the same as when someone critises London and I get really defensive.  At the same time, being Greek...these scenes are not at all new or surprising to me, which also makes me sad at my quiet acceptance of it.  A few years ago Athenians took to the streets in a rage over the shooting of a young man by police. Fuelled mainly by deep dissatisfaction for their government, looting, arson and violence around the city quickly ensued (sound familiar?).
Less than a week later I visited Athens and it felt...surprisingly normal (aside from the odd burnt out car and boarded-up shop window of course) but something in the air was strained.
I wonder what London feels like?

I hope all my London friends are safe and this ends soon, I don't know what else to say. I just shake my head and sigh.

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