4 August 2011

Melba Toast Redux

I miss Melbourne!  Here are a few of the trillion things we loved about our most recent trip:

seeing Leonie
going out dancing on a Friday night 
things made of Lego are always better 
new dumpling consumption record
buying a beat up leather doctor's bag in the first hour
that pizza place in St. Kilda playing Rumours from start to finish
pretty macarons 
bright blue winter skies
contemporary Australian Aboriginal art
Open House Melbourne
drinking at ponyfish island; elegant hobos under the bridge.
an actual impressive double rainbow whilst drinking on the Yarra
trying on beautifully made hats downstairs at Flinders Street station
the Vienna exhibition (except for the stupid "no stylus" rule)
Schiele + sunflower
Melba's obsession with poached eggs
Pure Pop, and the smoking courtyard
that 24 hour souvlaki place
the architecture, the stupidly amazing architecture.
1806 ; specifically Leonie's cracked pepper vodka martini
the Melbourne Museum...they have a rainforest!
staying in the exact same apartment we did last time
the toilet stall that was covered in Bukowski poems and quotes
my new grey cloche hat
wanting to dress like a Klimt gal
Luke surprising me with something shiny = me bawling my eyes out

....did I mention seeing Leonie? LOVE her, miss her!

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