10 August 2011

adieu mon appendix!

I've never really had surgery before, it was...interesting. A lot of waiting around.
I really liked morphine. I see why people become so addicted to opiates. I feel I'm getting a glimpse into the future when I'm old and can't move about so easily; you feel so vulnerable and frustrated.
I'm amazed at how women can give birth and go home with a little baby they have to feed and take care of so soon whilst recovering from a great physical trauma. All I had was my silly appendix out, and I'm still marvelling at the body's capacity to heal so quickly. That, and how good port wine jelly and poached pears taste. Yum.

I'm grateful our emergency medical system worked so seamlessly for me, and the kind nurses and funny doctors and surgeons who were always poking their heads in to see how I was.  Also it feels great to be safe and loved and looked after at home. I'm sure this has helped a billion percent.  Can't wait to laugh again without it hurting, or to lift things, or to walk normally. I feel grateful for a lot of things right now. Bless.


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