28 August 2011

faithful journey

I have a soft spot for Journey. They are impossible for me to sing along to...Steve's voice is soooooooo high, but so enjoyable ( side note: remember Mariah Carey covering 'Open Arms' back in the '90s? ). I think 'Anyway You Want It' might be one of my personal anthems, certainly fun to jump around to before or during a night out.

Anyways, here is Eef from Clem Snide covering a Journey song. My darling Leonie introduced me to the utter wonder that is Clem Snide via that most magical of doorways...the mix tape, pretty much almost a decade ago; and I haven't looked back. Thank you Lones!

Enjoy and swoon at your leisure.

22 August 2011

start spreadin' the news

Gee I hope I get my paws on one of these....Zara, who knew?

oh and maybe a pair of these.....

or these...

I miss the High Street...badly. 

pop pilgrims

I had to share with you my new favourite youtube channel...from the awesome A.V. Club:

I sort of now want to be best friends with 'em. Think of the fun road trips we would have! And I totally agree with visiting places that were important (to you) in film, music and the arts in general.
Let's start with one of my all time favourite albums, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Like I didn't have enough reasons to want to go to Chicago (one less since Oprah ended!). 

16 August 2011

summer sun

wouldn't this tote be purrrrrrfect at the beach? or a picnic in the sun?  it makes me smile.

and this loverly hat...extra points for making the back brim shorter than the front!

la revolution

um, yes.

A thousand times yes!

s'il vous plaƮt

stack it

these two rings are sweet and simple:

colour comparison

Be still my beating heart, I have a new girl crush....over at Miss Moss; what a keen eye she has!
I don't know how she does it, but I'm glad she does. Her blog makes me so happy to look at, and this particular post is right up my alley because you know very well how Bright Star makes me swoon and sob and sigh.

Go. there. now. please.

15 August 2011


After my grumbling about opera prices, I serendipitously got in early and nabbed some tickets for next year's season at the Opera House. Really happy I'm going to see Aida, Turandot and Salome in awesome seats without paying through the nose for 'em.
I just need to remember the waterproof make-up, I'm a sop for high drama and lovely costumes.  Two of them are directed by Graeme Murphy so I'm sure I will be swooning and oohing and aaahing all over the place.

Pass me the champagne daaaaaaahlink.


Tuesday night date

Dear Lindsey,
                           Thanks for playing in NYC when we will be there too. I will see YOU soon at the Town Hall, looking forward to it muchly.


13 August 2011

why don't you go where fashion sits?

Sometimes, when stylists, photographers and models come together just right, they make some magic...and then I'm more than happy to hand over money for glossies just to see images like this:

The gorgeous Julianne Moore as a Modigliani, a Schiele and a Klimt muse; via Peter Lindbergh in Harper's Bizarre c.2009.



12 August 2011

Patron Saints

Saints are awesome, except I can never remember who does what and why.
So I just make them up. The two saints most pertinent to my life are thus:

 Franz Kafka 1907

Sisyphus (by way of Camus and Titian)

Anyone who works in an office will understand my choices. Plus Kafka makes me feel better, knowing that he wasted his working days for an insurance firm, whilst writing some quietly amazing stories in his spare time gives me hope. And Sisyphus? Not sure if a mythological figure can be a patron saint, but like I said...this is my version.

Anyways, raise your glasses for the Patron Saints of Office Workers!

side note: apparently St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of Workers...blah. 

the longing for happiness finds repose in poetry

.....or so Klimt says, I tend to agree with him. This woman and her outfit captivated me.

(big love for the Beethoven Frieze)

11 August 2011

The Illusionist

Has anyone seen this yet?  We're going so soon, very excited about it. Also very excited to sit down and re-watch the Triplets of Belleville, it's been a long while.
Aah the French. They just get it. So strange and wonderful.

splendid satchels

Now if these don't inspire you to make like Huckleberry Finn and get into the great outdoors, I don't know what will! (I don't normally think about back packs, but these have me grinning from ear to ear...I think Luke would like 'em and they would look well funky in an urban setting too).
From Sketchbook:

from shelterprotectsyou :

and lastly, minimalist but functional:

10 August 2011

adieu mon appendix!

I've never really had surgery before, it was...interesting. A lot of waiting around.
I really liked morphine. I see why people become so addicted to opiates. I feel I'm getting a glimpse into the future when I'm old and can't move about so easily; you feel so vulnerable and frustrated.
I'm amazed at how women can give birth and go home with a little baby they have to feed and take care of so soon whilst recovering from a great physical trauma. All I had was my silly appendix out, and I'm still marvelling at the body's capacity to heal so quickly. That, and how good port wine jelly and poached pears taste. Yum.

I'm grateful our emergency medical system worked so seamlessly for me, and the kind nurses and funny doctors and surgeons who were always poking their heads in to see how I was.  Also it feels great to be safe and loved and looked after at home. I'm sure this has helped a billion percent.  Can't wait to laugh again without it hurting, or to lift things, or to walk normally. I feel grateful for a lot of things right now. Bless.


6 August 2011

two things: Ray

two more, from quiet little pirate-Jesus Ray LaMontagne:

(oh yeah, and then he and Damien Rice cover the Bee Gees; just bury me now why don't you?)



5 August 2011

panic on the streets of...

Holy shit, can't get that Smiths song out of my head all week.

It's been almost a year since I left Londres, and looking at the footage and violence now spread across the country it really hurts on this strange protective level I have for the city, the same as when someone critises London and I get really defensive.  At the same time, being Greek...these scenes are not at all new or surprising to me, which also makes me sad at my quiet acceptance of it.  A few years ago Athenians took to the streets in a rage over the shooting of a young man by police. Fuelled mainly by deep dissatisfaction for their government, looting, arson and violence around the city quickly ensued (sound familiar?).
Less than a week later I visited Athens and it felt...surprisingly normal (aside from the odd burnt out car and boarded-up shop window of course) but something in the air was strained.
I wonder what London feels like?

I hope all my London friends are safe and this ends soon, I don't know what else to say. I just shake my head and sigh.

4 August 2011

Melba memories

a few photos from our wonderful winter trip:

love you Melba

Melba Toast Redux

I miss Melbourne!  Here are a few of the trillion things we loved about our most recent trip:

seeing Leonie
going out dancing on a Friday night 
things made of Lego are always better 
new dumpling consumption record
buying a beat up leather doctor's bag in the first hour
that pizza place in St. Kilda playing Rumours from start to finish
pretty macarons 
bright blue winter skies
contemporary Australian Aboriginal art
Open House Melbourne
drinking at ponyfish island; elegant hobos under the bridge.
an actual impressive double rainbow whilst drinking on the Yarra
trying on beautifully made hats downstairs at Flinders Street station
the Vienna exhibition (except for the stupid "no stylus" rule)
Schiele + sunflower
Melba's obsession with poached eggs
Pure Pop, and the smoking courtyard
that 24 hour souvlaki place
the architecture, the stupidly amazing architecture.
1806 ; specifically Leonie's cracked pepper vodka martini
the Melbourne Museum...they have a rainforest!
staying in the exact same apartment we did last time
the toilet stall that was covered in Bukowski poems and quotes
my new grey cloche hat
wanting to dress like a Klimt gal
Luke surprising me with something shiny = me bawling my eyes out

....did I mention seeing Leonie? LOVE her, miss her!

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