2 July 2011

Greece in ruins, part 3 Athens

I have spent the most of my Hellenic time in Athens. I can understand how people could hate it as a city but for me it fills my veins with blood and makes my heart beat so loud. I don't know what it is, I felt like the best version of myself each time I have been there. 

I'm never afraid there but I'm sure I should be sometimes; I went to my first ever protest in Athens, and tasted the burn of tear gas for the first (and hopefully only) time. 
I rode on the back of a scooter through the balmy night and patted the enormous and friendly street dogs whenever I could. I had one of them rest his head on my foot and fall asleep as I sat on a step and smoked.  Lord, I have never smoked, walked, eaten and thought so much in my life as when I was in Athens. 
I have seen it gleaming, I have seen it dry and dusty, lit only by the August moon, destroyed by riots, bustling and also boarded up, burnt out shells of cars and celebration on the streets.
I had the best new years eve of my life in Athens, the most epiphanies in Athens, the best memories of a friendship in Athens and the first experience of travelling on my own not knowing a single soul and absolutely loving it...all in Athens.  I owe that city a lot, it helped me confirm who I really was, and it gave me the confidence to live with who I am.

This is in response to the images of protests, destruction and dissent in that ancient city.

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