2 July 2011

Greece in ruins, part 2 Epirus

The most emotional time I ever had when visiting Hellas (and perhaps in my entire life thus far) was in my mother's hometown. It is absolutely stunning, soaked in history with mountains soaring up to the heavens, an old city within fortress walls and a lake that covers almost everything in a smooth satin that I used to sit by and stare at for hours and hours.

I cried almost every night. I hadn't seen my mama in two years, she has never been back to her home and family in Hellas since she left over 30 years ago. 
I walked around her little island and imagined her playing hide and seek as a skinny girl with short short hair and big shiny brown eyes. I saw how hard life still was for so many people there. 
I quietly observed in a shoe-box sized church on the highest point of the island and breathed in the incense and the Byzantine chanting. I stood in the same places I remember seeing in the few childhood photos my mother has. I do not know if I can go back there again, I don't know if she should go back there again. 

There are a lot of ghosts in that very beautiful place.

the view from the house mama was born in

kind friends of my grandmother's, who have lived on the island their whole life

the hypnotising Lake Pamvotis

mama grew up on this little island in the middle of a very big lake

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