16 July 2011

dream outfit : Angel

Put this on along with some gold bangles, tousle your wavy hair and dance around on stage as the floaty fabric moves with you. At 2:40 into the clip, I defy you *not* to grin widely that Lindsey Buckingham would sidle up with his arm around you to sing some catchy harmonies. Yes.

(I'm sure that if I tried wearing that brown velvet beret, I would come off looking more like a portrait of old Rembrandt, but somehow she just makes it work!)

but before that, maybe you should grab some maracas, put on a comfy Mickey Mouse jumper and sit in the studio watching the song come together.

PS: I think she'd like these shoes to match her outfit, by Jeffrey Campbell:

PPS: Can you tell Tusk is my high-rotation album of the moment? 

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