2 July 2011

big love: Olive Cotton

I love this woman. 

So many of her photos have this simple gracefulness to them that leave me gobsmacked. Her most recognisable photo is of course 'Teacup Ballet' from 1935 and I was chuffed to read somewhere that "Olive had taught trigonometry to naval aviators during the war, and when you look at Teacup Ballet there is a mathematical precision to it."  Indeed!

Her photos of the little details in the Australian landscape make me want to escape to the country. I love that she was married to Max Dupain for a couple of years and they remained friends even after they divorced. They have a similar aesthetic, so it's no stretch imagining them being great friends.  Oh yes, and she has one of the best names ever. Ever.  Big love to you Miss Olive.

Olive and Max  c.1935

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