30 June 2011

infrared forest

My brain says "hell yes!" to these amazing photographs taken in Colorado, more please!

Angie / Angel

when I was little, I thought Mick was singing "Angel....Ainnnngel" , and you know...sometimes, I still do.

loooooooooove how bored everyone looks here!

more Geek than Freak

Here's to 'ya Sam Weir, and your awesome buddies.

(one of my favourite scenes, it makes me sigh)

Neil: "The dance is tomorrow. 
She's a cheerleader, you've seen Star Wars 27 times. 
You do the math."

i want to go (back) to there: St Dunstan in the East

One day, when I go back to London I want to show Luke this little slice of heaven, St. Dunstan in the East.
Three of the four cathedral walls built in 1817 are still standing. It's so quiet in there, tucked away on a side street I found myself envying the people who work close by and could eat their lunch here everyday. Definitely high on my list of favourite little pockets I have discovered in the world.

violin ring

I love the square design, the wood is taken from a violin.

            go here for more goodness

29 June 2011

Buckingham / Nicks

The most gorgeous musical couple since....I don't know when, gah!

28 June 2011


from the journals of Marilyn Monroe

25 June 2011

NYC water towers

I love that these are perched on the rooftops. I love these photos. 
I love that Luke & I will be visiting NYC in a few months so maybe I'll get to take my own photos of these beauties. Cannot wait. I've been telling my friend Emerson that I would visit him in New York ever since he went over there to study. That was seven years ago!

a little ray of sunshine

Don't you just love patent leather? Don't you just love satchels?  
Don't you just love egg-yolk-yellow-patent-leather-satchels ?

Every now and then I pat it, sweet little thing makes me smile just looking at it
...and it's so soft too!


long before Gene Kelly was (not rollerskating) in Xanadu....he would have 
made them all blush with shame after this brilliant number; 

He still is to me one of the greatest, and I am constantly 
bewildered after watching him move so effortlessly

kitchen favourites

Any of these in my future kitchen please:

kitty salt & pepper shakers

beautifully poetic measuring jug

old-school milk jug with lid

colourful cheese platter

the braille around the edge of this serving dish reads 
"the sighted will never know to have words touch you 
and touch them back"   sigh.

little circus side dish

brilliant marked and measured beechwood 
cutting board,  aptly named 'The OCD chef'

the colour of this glass salt/pepper shaker makes me swoon.

(more things to fill my dream kitchen here)


20 June 2011

99 luftballons

                                                  via ChelseaVictoria

Judy Garland

This photo makes my brain say 'yesssss!'

ukulele love

I heard this song and had a really quick flash just now to Eddie Vedder in a few decades being a scruffy old man with grey hair and a beard on the uke, by no great stretch of the imagination. Love him!  He and the ukulele suit each other somehow, as evidenced so well earlier this year when he somehow filled the State Theatre with the just the little instrument and his great voice. Gush.  I kinda want this album now.

Also, if I had heaps of money, I would buy one of these gorgeous gems for my dear Leonie:

from the amazing Celentano Woodworks

Also, Luke if you are reading this....can we go to Hawaii?  Come on, you know you want to.


music memories: Disco Pigs do The Kinks

I love this song, I love Cillian Murphy; such a disturbing and fascinating film.

18 June 2011

kind intruder

I'm so excited,  I just bought this photo by Michelle Arcila, out of an edition of 200
...whatta magic bear!

17 June 2011

Anjelica in her youth

I can't believe I haven't posted on this wonderful woman before!  

you have no idea how much she looks like my mum here 
when I was very little and my mother was in her twenties

pretty amazing, what can you say?

this photo makes me gush like an idiot, they both look so beautiful and fun;
can you believe they were involved for almost twenty years?

dream outfit: Horses

Of course you need an oversized heavily sequined tshirt dress

and trusty leather Chuck Taylors that will see you through almost anything

along with my favourite conspicuous shade, Lady Danger

while I rub my eyes at Patti's sexy, cool & intense performance:

dream outfit: The sassy one

Am a bit in love with ASOS salon right now and the Grecian folds of the neckline

while I lace up my shiny Dieppa Restrepo shoes

and sip on

ponder which shade of eyeshadow to use

while the lady sings:


I haven't had a cigarette in two months, cor blimey. I could look at Audrey all day though!

12 June 2011

London nights

Squished comfortably around tables, shots of Goldschlager, balancing pints, impromptu dancing and bursting into song, making plans for adventures involving houseboats and Eastern  European cities, peeling off and putting on layers for faithful cigarette breaks, dodging things on the pavement, walking with arms linked and giggling at cute French boys, sneaky hot chips w vinegar while waiting for the bus home, quiet revelers resting against big picture windows, sliding into bed, waking to absent-mindedly dunk a strong tea bag repeatedly as you remember your friend doing a great impersonation of a pop star.

Love you, London.

11 June 2011

everything must go

I want to see this, have you read 'why don't you dance' by Raymond Carver?

Patti & Robert

I am reading 'Just Kids' right now, and every few pages I get teary...such wonderful souls, so beautifully written by Patti. sigh.

big love: Rodney Smith

Dear Rodney,   
                        You amaze me, I wish I could live in your photographs. I also wish your books did not cost thousands of dollars. 
                                    Kind regards,

Visit Mr. Smith's blog and website for more beautiful ,whimsical photographic magic.

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