3 May 2011

Violet 1806

don't you love the torture of wanting hard-to-find liqueurs?  Well, in Australia it's hard to find:

I've had exactly two different cocktails with Creme de Violette....and now I would like some more. 
Did anyone say Aviation? delicious.

"Spicy, floral, tart and lovely. Gin with violets and lemon.
The Aviation cocktail was dedicated by an unknown bartender to the aviation industry. The drink first appears in Recipes for mixed Drinks (1916), by Hugo Ensslin, who tended bar at the Hotel Wallick in Times Square, New York. The drink was supposed, by dint of a touch of violet liqueur, to remind people of the wide blue yonder, where aviators were beginning to play. The drink, gin, fresh lemon, maraschino, and of course violet, became very popular during the thirties. Until the violet liqueur ran out. "              -1806

1806 is pretty much my new favourite place on this earth. We went in around 1am on a Saturday night just to try it out quickly...what fools; we stayed for three glorious cocktails and left a few hours later completely gobsmacked. 
Now we are waiting, waiting, until we return to Melbourne to start our evening there early, help ourself to a cheese platter and work our way through the rest of the historical cocktail menu.
I won't lie...I find it hard to ignore the gin. Did I mention the bar is a framed stage? Or that they only do table service?  The water for your table is in empty Patron bottles....and each drink is made brilliantly and with care.  They had me at table service. Do you know how refreshing it is to be in a bar and not have to elbow people or risk spilling anything from overcrowding and standing around?  Hallelujah. Oh and they're open until about 5am....yup, my heaven.

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ohbabylee said...

I too am a huge fan of the Aviation cocktail. Have you been able to find Creme de violette in Aus anywhere yet? I'm in Melbourne and can't find it anywhere either.

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