24 May 2011


Monday was a good day. I was sent on a mission to the State Library to find some things in old newspapers, so for once I felt like a good old fashioned librarian scrolling through the microfilm. On my way there I grabbed a hot chocolate from Shirt Bar, which I have decided is going to be my favourite because it combines two of my favourite things; hard liquor and fine tailoring. 
They have so much love and attention for every item they've chosen to stock their odd little establishment with. 
Walking through Martin Place I found myself kicking a brightly coloured plastic soccer ball towards the rogue 2 year old who was chasing it. I felt like I was in a ridiculous movie version of my own morning; the autumn crispness of the air and the sharp light of a mid morning against the sandstone....made me feel grateful to be awake in it all.

I love the State Library, I spent every other weekend there when I was a senior in highschool but it has been so long since I've had to use it. I was delighted to find out how great their little bookshop is; crammed full of books on Australia or written by Australians. I bought three books in about 3 minutes. I will return to buy many more (especially their magnificently chosen children's book collection, sometimes I forget how talented people are).

At work later that afternoon I found myself having a conversation with a distinguished older gentleman who had wandered into our little library part of the office. We stood there for half an hour talking about syntax, the Australian accent, bad habits, greedy relatives and wills (neither of ours, thankfully) and I was complimented on my Englishness, something that made me feel a tad homesick for London (do I need any encouragement?).

Well, I couldn't let my excellent day stop there, could I? Luke and I went out in the evening for some potato pizza and conversation, which is a highlight on any day of the week really. 
But I honestly wasn't expecting anything from Monday.

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