28 May 2011

Newman, you've outdone yourself yet again.

holy shit....

perfect Paul Newman via the impossible cool

if I were a boy....

I'd wear these;


two of my favourite things, Grecian drapery and Yves Klein Blue....heaven.

by Maison Martin Margiela

24 May 2011


Monday was a good day. I was sent on a mission to the State Library to find some things in old newspapers, so for once I felt like a good old fashioned librarian scrolling through the microfilm. On my way there I grabbed a hot chocolate from Shirt Bar, which I have decided is going to be my favourite because it combines two of my favourite things; hard liquor and fine tailoring. 
They have so much love and attention for every item they've chosen to stock their odd little establishment with. 
Walking through Martin Place I found myself kicking a brightly coloured plastic soccer ball towards the rogue 2 year old who was chasing it. I felt like I was in a ridiculous movie version of my own morning; the autumn crispness of the air and the sharp light of a mid morning against the sandstone....made me feel grateful to be awake in it all.

I love the State Library, I spent every other weekend there when I was a senior in highschool but it has been so long since I've had to use it. I was delighted to find out how great their little bookshop is; crammed full of books on Australia or written by Australians. I bought three books in about 3 minutes. I will return to buy many more (especially their magnificently chosen children's book collection, sometimes I forget how talented people are).

At work later that afternoon I found myself having a conversation with a distinguished older gentleman who had wandered into our little library part of the office. We stood there for half an hour talking about syntax, the Australian accent, bad habits, greedy relatives and wills (neither of ours, thankfully) and I was complimented on my Englishness, something that made me feel a tad homesick for London (do I need any encouragement?).

Well, I couldn't let my excellent day stop there, could I? Luke and I went out in the evening for some potato pizza and conversation, which is a highlight on any day of the week really. 
But I honestly wasn't expecting anything from Monday.

21 May 2011

Miss Dorothy

I love this photo, I almost wish I had this framed and on a mantlepiece....because she kinda feels like family doesn't she? Plus, it makes me smile to look at it.

big love: Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon makes poems by blacking out newspaper articles with a marker. So clever, and surprising; the original articles from top to bottom were about 1) hedge fund investing   2) piano recital  3) theatre review.  The last one is my favourite, it's called 'overheard on the Titanic'.  

and the word is....pedants.

Stephen Fry, you are golden. It is no secret how much I adore you:

even more Fry goodness here. 

20 May 2011


I can't stop looking at these....I would be happy with any / all of them sparkling away:

Chrysoprase / Carnelian / Green Onyx / natural Ruby  

sunday stroll

Luke and I went for a very fun and curious and completely impromptu little bush walk along the (semi) cleared paths of Balls Head near his house. We were rewarded with beautiful views of the harbour and some special tunnels, amazing autumnal light and scary spiders suspended in their webs. 
Afterwards we played with some perfectly good household items we found on the street. Can you tell I was not dressed for these bush paths?  Next time, sneakers perhaps. I wanted so badly to climb all over the rocks and jump around! Alas, heeled boots and a denim pencil skirt do not a bushwalker make.

8 May 2011

Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire....

two excellent, excellent men being amazing as usual:

toy London

I had a lovely & long overdue Skype session with my brilliant best friend Mel last night. It went on for eight entertaining hours and gave me a much-needed laughter, advice, gossip and London fix. Here are some things Melly sent me in the mail since I've been back in Sydney to keep me company when I get homesick:


I adore vintage photos, I have a whole bunch ranging from 1900-1930's on their way to me from the Americas....I am particularly in love with this one:

I am assuming that's his ma and his gal....awesome.


Wouldn't you feel like a modern Cleopatra in these faceted semi precious stone rings? The gold really makes the colours jump, don't you think?

Rings available on etsy here, here and here....(I nabbed the Chrysoprase one for myself the other day!)

colour cookies / pretty Pantone

This makes me so happy I can't even tell you, what a great idea for a gloomy day when you are stuck indoors. Pretty Pantone.

Visit Kim's blog to for her recipe and more colourful photos!

friday flowers

Luke surprised my after work on Friday with these beauties which are just beginning to open...and the most amazing Little Prince card with so many sweet little details in it; from the illustration inside the envelope right down to a little hologram trademark on the back. I want to carry it with me everywhere!


Molly Ringwald's watch

As soon as I saw this I thought of Andie being so Pretty in Pink:

I have a weakness for Casio watches, just ordered myself a stainless steel version when I want to 'dress up' and my calculator watch might seem a bit informal..haha.

Jupiter's Darling

um, I need to watch this....right away!  If only for the underwater Roman amphitheater sequence, sigh.

6 May 2011

enamoured /enamel

I feel that a lot of my posts so far in May have been hugely materialistic....I occasionally think of other things aside from 'stuff I want'....but when you are exhausted, it's easier to post pretty pictures and dream about shiny things than actually writing vaguely coherent paragraphs about your concerns, fears and ponderings.  Eeeek! 

Anyways, a thing of beauty is a joy forever right? Thank you Mr. Keats! And thank you Minoux for having many things of beauty to make me smile and forget the tiredness.

enamel, brass and sterling silver....swoon!

brass and cord

4 May 2011

all the better to see you with, my dear

I want this, I am actually really close to getting this. I just have to decide on a colour.   
Of course my heart has already decided on the red (like all childish hearts do) but then I think of the navy, or olive green....sigh. This could take a while. I am giving myself until the weekend to decide and then there's the question of contrasting lining....

3 May 2011

hat trick

On Brunswick Street we found these, only three pretty amazing movies that I adore. I am building up a small but perfectly personal collection to display some records/movie posters as art, and it's not too hard when they have such interesting designs. The only proviso is that I have to actually like the record/film, not just because of the design. Easy with these three! Props to Melly for making me watch the Jazz Singer back in Londres (I can't believe I had never!! And no one believes me when I rave to them about it being like a cross between 8 Mile and Yentl, shame on them!) Luke is keeping his eyes peeled for the Stand By Me soundtrack. Fingers crossed.

water for elephants

 what should I do? shall I read it first? you know how I have a weakness for a vintage circus! Is it even a good story? Sigh. I'm leaning towards watching it. I could think of worse things than staring at Reese with an immaculate 1930's coiffe.

Raymond Carver

I'm sitting here looking through poems I can post here to show you why I love him, and in the background Paul Kelly is playing, and my heart stops, because that story he is singing about sounds so familiar; a group of friends off fishing for the weekend find a dead woman by the water and leave her there until it's time for them to return home. 
Sometimes things collide and you don't know how they knew to do it at just the right moment, but you're glad they did.
Of course the song sounds familiar...it's based on Carver's short story. My heart still beats a tad louder and then slowly quietens. I found a poem for you:


So early it's still almost dark out.
I'm near the window with coffee,
and the usual early morning stuff
that passes for thought.

When I see the boy and his friend
walking up the road
to deliver the newspaper.

They wear caps and sweaters,
and one boy has a bag over his shoulder.
They are so happy
they aren't saying anything, these boys.

I think if they could, they would take
each other's arm.
It's early in the morning,
and they are doing this thing together.

They come on, slowly.
The sky is taking on light,
though the moon still hangs pale over the water.

Such beauty that for a minute
death and ambition, even love,
doesn't enter into this.

Happiness. It comes on
unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really,
any early morning talk about it


I don't know how we reached this subject but I found myself last week telling Luke quite earnestly all about how obsessed I was with these things when I was younger. I think I still have this cool holograph sticker somewhere in my drawers....also, I am not ashamed to say that a part of me would really like to wear this t-shirt.

big love: Stuart Kerr

When I saw these, I shivered with delight.
I have a deep, deep love for pen and ink drawings of buildings...and these are particularly wonderful:

                                                            via Stuco 

This last one here makes me rub my eyes, I don't know why it feels so familiar, like I've been down this little street before....like it's drawn straight out of my head.


Hermes gets it, now I just need to get my paws on it....a blueprint of Pegasus on their lovely silk squares. I wouldn't know whether to frame it or wear it...both!



MaraisUSA gets it, these are perfect....so perfect. 

Violet 1806

don't you love the torture of wanting hard-to-find liqueurs?  Well, in Australia it's hard to find:

I've had exactly two different cocktails with Creme de Violette....and now I would like some more. 
Did anyone say Aviation? delicious.

"Spicy, floral, tart and lovely. Gin with violets and lemon.
The Aviation cocktail was dedicated by an unknown bartender to the aviation industry. The drink first appears in Recipes for mixed Drinks (1916), by Hugo Ensslin, who tended bar at the Hotel Wallick in Times Square, New York. The drink was supposed, by dint of a touch of violet liqueur, to remind people of the wide blue yonder, where aviators were beginning to play. The drink, gin, fresh lemon, maraschino, and of course violet, became very popular during the thirties. Until the violet liqueur ran out. "              -1806

1806 is pretty much my new favourite place on this earth. We went in around 1am on a Saturday night just to try it out quickly...what fools; we stayed for three glorious cocktails and left a few hours later completely gobsmacked. 
Now we are waiting, waiting, until we return to Melbourne to start our evening there early, help ourself to a cheese platter and work our way through the rest of the historical cocktail menu.
I won't lie...I find it hard to ignore the gin. Did I mention the bar is a framed stage? Or that they only do table service?  The water for your table is in empty Patron bottles....and each drink is made brilliantly and with care.  They had me at table service. Do you know how refreshing it is to be in a bar and not have to elbow people or risk spilling anything from overcrowding and standing around?  Hallelujah. Oh and they're open until about 5am....yup, my heaven.

blooming Penelope

Have you seen the Brothers Bloom?  I want all of Penelope's outfits...especially these ones:

spotty dotty feline jacket with shiny clunky boots

I do love a grand cape!

a bone trench with a baggy breton...yes.

and then of course there's the bright clementine-coloured swing dress, and the crazy Pucci print dress...many of the clothes had room to move but with clean lines and always coupled with ink black stockings, just the way I like it.  And the boys weren't too darn shabby either. 

PS: Directed by clever Rian Johnson ( if you haven't seen his magnificent first effort 'Brick' with the awesome JGL I suggest you do...STAT).

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