2 April 2011

big love: Bruno Mars

A tad thrilled with Bruno Mars, for a few reasons....he can really really truly sing, he wears a great pair of black and white brogues in the Grenade video, he's written some of the catchiest darn songs over the last 6 months, he has a beautiful profile tattoo of a 1920's lady on his forearm, there is some hilarious video footage of him as a four year old Elvis imperonator in Hawaii and lastly, he sounds even better when it's all just raw and acoustic. Take it away Bruno:

apparently he wrote this while walking around London with nary a pound in his pocket.

I know he didn't write this, but holy crap I never thought I'd ever like this, until now.

when I first heard grenade I thought how lovely it would sound without all the instruments, 
this is just what I was thinking....but even better!

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