27 April 2011

Melba Toast

aye...Luke and I have returned from marvellous Melbourne a tad smitten.  
Who am I kidding? We are in total dorky puppy love with the city.  More posts to come.


5 April 2011

Dan & Blair

I was ignoring GG there for a while, but lately I have been peeking over to make sure everything was still a fabulous train-wreck on the Upper East Side. I must admit...I never ever thought these two would get along, but then they started watching old movies together and...



I know I'm romanticising it, but.....


4 April 2011

two things: Icelandic

two beautiful songs and videos from a very unique band, two different but very strong emotions:

so beautifully timed with the music, and that stunning opening scene!

Luke showed this to me a few years ago, and reminded me about it last night...pure joy.


3 April 2011

Ghost goblet

yes please!

who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?

....certainly not Winona Ryder & Marc Jacobs. I heart them both so much.



Love this photo of the singer from Sigur Rós and his little sister Sigurrós.....cute shoes!

Teenage Dream

What is it with Katy Perry? She's pretty in a Disney cartoon / Snow White sort of way, but it pains me to hear her singing, struggling to reach those notes. Thankfully before Bruno Mars did a chilled out California Gurls cover, the boys from Glee's Warblers took on Teenage Dream and the results were brill. This makes me happy to listen to it (and to watch Kurt's face and admire Blaine's super shiny hair) and I really adore the melody in the bridge...full of sunshine.

2 April 2011

moreish & Middle Eastern

I love Mediterranean food, I really do. It's the food I grew up with, it's really honest ingredients grown in the sun, eaten seasonally and cooked long and simple; letting the flavours speak for themselves. It has made me appreciate that food is more than just nourishment for the body, it's for enjoyment too. 
Then there's the other side of me...who longs for magical blends and colours of spices, the heavenly hypnotising smells that make you feel blissed out on a bed of a thousand velvet cushions. I am being totally romantic here, but it's not far from the truth. I could eat Middle Eastern food for the rest of my life and be happy to bits. I am lucky that a lot of Greek cuisine borrows from the Turks so it's not really a stretch. 
But until I set foot in the souks and medinas of Morrocco and Turkey (oh but I would love to go to Lebanon, Jordan and Syria too!) I must console myself by sprinkling sumac over my yoghurt and dipping my bread into olive oil & zaa'tar. Oh, and popping into this shop I spotted on the way home that claims to sell "Nablus's famous Knafeh made fresh daily"...yes please.

I would like all of these....to tide my belly and my eyes over until I visit these countries in person.

blue shoe shuffle

think of the adventures, the wandering around, the dancing and all sorts of fun you could have in these.....

via asos.com

Georgia on my mind

Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002), Georgia O'Keefe, c. 1956.

Black Iris     
oil on canvas, 1926

I want to go to there: Strahov monastery library

Thanks to the fug nation girls, yet another library to add to my swoon-worthy list....and poor Jeffrey Martin is in charge of taking thousands of meticulously lined up photos of it to create a complete panorama. I die!

                       (who doesn't want a secret passage like this in their house, or at least the chance to explore one?)

big love: Bruno Mars

A tad thrilled with Bruno Mars, for a few reasons....he can really really truly sing, he wears a great pair of black and white brogues in the Grenade video, he's written some of the catchiest darn songs over the last 6 months, he has a beautiful profile tattoo of a 1920's lady on his forearm, there is some hilarious video footage of him as a four year old Elvis imperonator in Hawaii and lastly, he sounds even better when it's all just raw and acoustic. Take it away Bruno:

apparently he wrote this while walking around London with nary a pound in his pocket.

I know he didn't write this, but holy crap I never thought I'd ever like this, until now.

when I first heard grenade I thought how lovely it would sound without all the instruments, 
this is just what I was thinking....but even better!


...is curling up on the couch in a warm cardigan with a cup of tea and some toast on Saturday morn, watching Katharine Hepburn dazzle, confuse and amuse Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant in The Philadephia Story.  Am dazzled by Cary's super slick and shiny hair, not confused for a moment over who I'd pick (here's looking at you, Jimmy) and amused for the umpteenth time with Hepburn's brilliant drunk/tipsy scenes (she's awfully good at them).

Makes me want to drink from delicate crystal champagne saucers in the garden, go for midnight swims and roll my vowels a little when I say words like 'maaaaaaarvelousss'.  

Not interested in yourself, Red, you're fascinated. 
You're far and away your favorite person in the world. 

Champagne's funny stuff. I'm used to whiskey. Whiskey is a slap on the back, 
and champagne's heavy mist before my eyes. 

You'll never be a first class human being or a first class woman until 
you've learned to have some regard for human frailty. 

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