28 March 2011

YSL L'Amour Fou

Meg and I went to see this documentary on Sunday, one of the last films of the French Film Festival. It was raining beforehand and we kept ducking in to little boutiques to stroke lovely fabrics and imagine a life where we could wear these clothes every day (and try not to think of the drycleaning bills!). The doco made me sad, I became teary three or four times during it...can you imagine being with someone for fifty tumultuous years?  And the art....the art! The beautiful house in Marrakech, the retreat in Normandy...I almost felt ashamed I hadn't read any Proust, or knew to quote Rimbaud.  Ah...so tragic and decadent and didn't Yves have the loveliest bone structure when he was so, so young and taking over at the House of Dior?  

Deep sighs and a couple of cigarettes walking in the rain afterwards.  

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