26 March 2011


This is from our splendid Sunday in Manly last week, wherein we tried some beers from a little microbrewery called the Four Pines, nibbled on antipasto and ended up scoring tickets from a girl in the pub who couldn't go and see Eddie Vedder on his lonesome at the stunning State Theatre. The show was amazing, he has such an unmistakable voice, Luke and I promptly went home and youtubed some Pearl Jam unplugged so we could continue gawking. 

I loved catching the ferry over to Manly, the waves were so rough (but thrilling) as we passed the Heads and it was so humbling to consider that beyond them lies the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It's hypnotising watching the pastel green swirls of water frothing up as the ferry pulls in to the wharf.

We also did what we love best, walking around, talking and taking photos of all the little details in the city. I look forward to being able to do that very thing with Luke in many cities around the world one day. Next up it will be Melbourne in about a month's time. 


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