28 March 2011

Turner's Venezia

isn't it lovely? 
J M W Turner
Venice: An Imaginary View of the Arsenale c. 1840
© Tate
Watercolour on paper
24.3 x 30.8 cm

the Arsenale is a pretty amazing space in Venezia, I loved the big walls around it and cranes, cranes everywhere! I took this in September 2009.


yellow raspberries...I wonder where and for how much you'd be able to get them in Sydney?

lotsa berries in the UK, lots.

girls in the window

photo by Ormond Gigli, 1960

little things

I would love all of these things in my own house, thanks honeyandbee

YSL L'Amour Fou

Meg and I went to see this documentary on Sunday, one of the last films of the French Film Festival. It was raining beforehand and we kept ducking in to little boutiques to stroke lovely fabrics and imagine a life where we could wear these clothes every day (and try not to think of the drycleaning bills!). The doco made me sad, I became teary three or four times during it...can you imagine being with someone for fifty tumultuous years?  And the art....the art! The beautiful house in Marrakech, the retreat in Normandy...I almost felt ashamed I hadn't read any Proust, or knew to quote Rimbaud.  Ah...so tragic and decadent and didn't Yves have the loveliest bone structure when he was so, so young and taking over at the House of Dior?  

Deep sighs and a couple of cigarettes walking in the rain afterwards.  

luck may have died and love may be cold...

It's almost alarming to think of how many times I've listened to this song...but man oh man, I love this whole album. 

If ever you I needed a reason to drive, it's just to be able to play Bruce on the stereo late at night over long stretches of road. Yeah...gotta get my licence. One day. One fine day.

27 March 2011

Stand By Me : moments

I can't let go of the boys quite yet. Here are some little snippets of goodness:

Ah, the infamous Pez quote....the boys sitting around a campfire philosophising.

At lunch in primary school my friends and I would often say (to whoever was going to the 
canteen to buy us all iceblocks) "go get the provisions you morphodite" 
without knowing exactly what it meant. Eeep!

 Is it loaded?

Their first scene together and the chemistry is boss!


big love: Stand by Me

Because it's my favourite movie.  
Because I still miss River Phoenix. 
Because it's been 25 years since the boys came into our lives.
Because I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

Before I left Londres, Melly made up 2 t-shirts for each of us 
with this most beautiful photo of Chris & Gordie. Perfect.

The awesome Amy Merrick from 'Living In' featured Stand By Me on her blog
Relish details of the late 1950's in a little place called Castle Rock, Oregon.

Wil Wheaton shares his thoughts on his blog about meeting up with 
the cast for the 25 year anniversary of the film, and of course, missing River.

Ben E. King faux-lecturing a class with River & Wil sitting in the front. Yes please.


26 March 2011

into the wild

beautifully quiet and warm and sad and comforting, courtesy of Eddie Vedder.

lovely  xo


This is from our splendid Sunday in Manly last week, wherein we tried some beers from a little microbrewery called the Four Pines, nibbled on antipasto and ended up scoring tickets from a girl in the pub who couldn't go and see Eddie Vedder on his lonesome at the stunning State Theatre. The show was amazing, he has such an unmistakable voice, Luke and I promptly went home and youtubed some Pearl Jam unplugged so we could continue gawking. 

I loved catching the ferry over to Manly, the waves were so rough (but thrilling) as we passed the Heads and it was so humbling to consider that beyond them lies the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. It's hypnotising watching the pastel green swirls of water frothing up as the ferry pulls in to the wharf.

We also did what we love best, walking around, talking and taking photos of all the little details in the city. I look forward to being able to do that very thing with Luke in many cities around the world one day. Next up it will be Melbourne in about a month's time. 


Dali + friend

...World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.

-Arthur O'Shaughnessy

put on your dress white goddess...

um, Proenza Schouler...I think I adore you.

(thanks to A Merry Mishap for pointing this beauty out!)


About a month ago, our house was chosen by a pretty special little lady. She would drop by every day and hang around the verandah..after a while she would let us stroke her softly, but never for too long. Then she let us feed her. One day she let me hold her little triangle face in my hands as she looked at me, eyes half open and relaxed. Needless to say, I feel in love with her and felt I had found a sort of kindred.

I appreciated that she was still young & living on the streets, and although cautious she was worldly enough to be casually confident. The more I came to know her the more I noticed little details like the spray of chocolate fur against her chest, in contrast to the almost-black of her shiny clean coat. The way her eyes were sometimes green, sometimes almost yellow. The way she was suspicious of people she knew didn't particularly like cats, even though they weren't doing anything. 
She was smart, and so beautiful and calm. I so badly wanted to keep her.
But we couldn't. It's not my house, and so arrangements were made as my heart broke and the local council came to pick her up because she was a stray, and took her to their animal shelter to be checked out and put up for adoption if no one claims her within a week. 

I've been thinking about her a lot and trying (but failing) not to get teary when I think about her tiny frame and piercing eyes. Surprised by how childish my emotions and anger and hurt towards the people that would not let me keep her are: I feel like I'm a seven year old who didn't get her way. I'm mostly upset because it's one of the first times I've ever felt like I've had an unspoken understanding with an animal. 
I didn't want to take her in and domesticate her, put a collar on her and call her mine. I just wanted her to feel free to come around and leave food out for her, make sure she was ok and just sit in silence with her, as we had been doing with great relish these last few weeks.

The only name that came to mind when I saw her was Sylvia. She was just the right mix of brave and fragile, soft and street-wise, dismissive and needing of affection.  I feel a bit lost now.


"Can you understand? Someone, somewhere, can you understand me a little, love me a little? For all my despair, for all my ideals, for all that - I love life. But it is hard, and I have so much - so very much to learn." 
                 — Sylvia Plath (The Journals of Sylvia Plath)

i want to go to there: City Hall subway station NYC

yes please.

Michelle Young took the most amazingly shots on a tour of the station last year, it makes me happy to know that places like this exist...even if you rarely get to see them all lit up and beautiful.  Go here for more of her wonderful photos.

Violet eyes

We'll miss you Liz, they just don't make them like you anymore...solid gold.

 How great is this side profile photo of Velvet in her boy-jockey costume? 
Will re-watch 'National Velvet' on the weekend, before delving back into her later films. 


19 March 2011

feeling crafty?

you know what I find really, really sexy?   


Therefore, to me Design Sponge* is one of the sexiest blogs out there.
Go on, you know you want to have a go at making this amazing light shade
 using only a cheap paper lantern + scrap paper...phwoar!

pretty Polli

Australian made right here in Sydney and lasercut using recycled stainless steel and brass.
I already have a pendant of houses, would love to keep it company with these perhaps?

um... stainless steel lace Peter Pan collar?  where do I sign? 

brill basket weave 

I reeeeeeeeally want to take this little fox home!

(to drool some more, swoon around the Polli page)

hello lover!

repeat after me.... Dieppa Restrepos. 


big love: Nick & Nora

...sometimes they even solve crimes!


Friday night/Saturday morning

Things I like from the past 16 hours:

Presenting my awesome friend Jerome with these 3 records, 
right before we went in to see "Fair is fair"...a wonderful little 
French film that snuck up on us like a ninja!

stopping by Luke's work with a strong flat white for each of us, and  
taking home these beautiful books & wonderful washi tape

 getting surprised by my brother & his friend
each cradling a fuzzy yellow ball of curious duckling. 

14 March 2011

Honey, there's a spider in your bathroom the size of a Buick.

 "I could never write female characters when I started out. And when I met Diane Keaton, and got friendly with her, and lived with her for a few years, I became so enamoured of her, I just fell in love with her. I became so enamoured of her as a human being, so in awe of her, that I started to write for her. I wrote Annie Hall for her, and then after that I could almost only write for women characters.

They were cardboard figures before her, and I made no effort to change it, but after I met Keaton I could write women, and only write women, that was all that interested me."
                                 -woody allen 

Woody's got a new movie out...hurrah! Read this illuminating interview with him in the Guardian at the weekend, and go here to read an excellent essay on Annie Hall and neurotic love by Meaghan O'Connell.  Too many good things!

girl crush: Stevie Nicks

Looking at early photos of her, I can't believe how young she was...so gorgeous.  
I saw the Glee episode recently which featured Landslide and it pretty much confirmed my suspicions; that I will cry during that song no matter who is singing it, but especially Stevie. 

Go here to read an amazing little tender reflection on Fleetwood Mac/Stevie and friendship. 

Gah, this video makes my face hurt, I am smiling so much at it.


This weekend was lovely, and I can feel summer winding down but giving us some magic days before she goes away. We spent most of it in the Botanical Gardens; on  Saturday night to see Shakespeare in the Park (my favourite, As You Like It) and for a while the second act was under threat of being upstaged by a curious owl looking on from a nearby tree.
 On Sunday we were in the grounds of Government House, sprawled under a large leafy tree sipping on Pimms n' lemonade and watching little kids and cool young things dance around like mad to the music. Sublime.

Stroke it

I don't know how I feel about the new Strokes song, but I always know how I feel about the Strokes:

I love 'em.

next to Boyz II Men & NKOTB, they are one of my favourite boy bands.

and the reason why I started wearing ties, and wanting a three piece suit.
Albert has the best style but Fab is my favourite
(and both have the loveliest side projects)


feeling bookish

my latest pile of books.

Also, I urge you to read any Angela Carter you can get yer paws on, she is extraordinary!

10 March 2011

Londres longing

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

London, I miss you so much...I can't even breathe sometimes.


5 March 2011

Autumn awaits

It was raining this morning, and overcast. The thought of bringing out my berets makes me happy...but I am still missing the one colour I want the most; ultramarine blue. 
Here are some brilliant berets;





harping on

I'm going to see Joanna Newsom at the City Recital Hall on Wednesday...needless to say, am excited at the thought of seeing and hearing one of my biggest girl crushes. On a shallow note, she makes me feel better about having long hair, as it can be quite an effort to maintain it. Lastly, I expect to see a LOT of beautifully dressed young women at the show too. 
Let us swoon in preparation:


two things: monochrome

um....I think I am a tad in love with these two necklaces from ohcilly :


the lost thing

Hands up who got teary and super-excited to see our wonderful Shaun Tan win the Oscar for best animated short-film? Yup, my love for him is immense, I hope more people discover his talent now with the publicity from his award. If he made any of his other books into short films I might faint with happiness. I think 'The Arrival' would be amazing as a film, don't you?

Luke surprised me with the DVD and it comes with a sweet little book affectionately cataloguing other odd creatures in the Shaun Tan world...amazing.

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