3 February 2011

Etsy elation

I've gotten some choice things in the mail this month, most of them have been for my birthday (which I will post up here as soon as I take photos of them!). Today I received some etsy delights, and there ain't nothing like getting some sweet things in the post from talented people who make things with their own two hands.

So I'd like to give a shout-out to Judith from ABoxForMyTreasure , her necklaces are even more stunning in person, and so delicate and feminine, glowing in gold. Judith was really sweet, contacting me and checking the lengths I wanted for my necklaces before she sent them out from Dublin. Here's what was in my mail today;

 This is the sweetest thing, I never want to take it off.

I've been looking for a great wishbone 
necklace for too long now, had almost given up.

PS:  guest curator on Etsy right now is none other than the excellent mind behind the seriously addictive and spot-on 'nerdboyfriend' blog, Roxana Altamirano...damn, she's got a great eye for the details. 

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