12 February 2011


So it's on Monday, and I don't believe in celebrating Valentine's day but I do believe in Love.
Here are some of my favourite squishy-sentimental-lovey-dovey posters which totally sum up how I feel about a certain someone.
This first one is from rowboatpress and still rings true 9 years later:

                                                                this one and below via Fifi du Vie 
...we kinda have a soft-spot for Westerns.

via the amazing ashleyg

And perhaps my favouritest one of all, and one which I would lurve to have in my dream house:

Luke looked and me & said "I loave you" just yesterday and we both fell about giggling. 

PS: (Stay tuned for pics of the poster I made for us months and months ago, which we are looking to get framed, so we can hang it in the imaginary house we don't live in but will one day.) Phew! 


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