28 February 2011


One year ago today I left Hellas after a week of hanging out with my grandparents and enjoying the slower pace of winter in our little village, and breathing in those glorious mountains. 
Olympus was crowned in snow and watched over us.  

27 February 2011

you can call me Al...

Saw this on Friday night, even though I had worked a terribly long day and was exhausted this made me wide awake with eyes glued to the screen. 
Now I really really want to watch Serpico; I need another 1970's Pacino fix...STAT!

pretty Penelope

Dear Penelope,
                          Thanks for having such lovely shiny dark locks, olive skin and red red lips; a classic look to aspire to and actually quite achievable, if only I would stop biting my lips.


22 February 2011

sunny corner redux

Here's a dorky photo from the farm; we are fans of taking super serious shots in the vein of American Gothic (though I spoiled it by smirking at the last second). It may well be the first time in my life I've wanted to own a pair of overalls.

Stay tuned for a post on a lovely little train station we visited that had been converted into a cafe/gallery/florist!

21 February 2011

the geometry of it pleases

Been feeling really geometric lately....my eyes just gravitate towards these shapes, even better if there are colours. Any of these would make me perfectly happy to wear;

16 February 2011

i want to go to there: Reykjavik

just to see this in the flesh:

photo belongs to kitkadesigntoronto

Ok, enormous Lutheran churches called Hallgrimskirkja aside, it's Iceland people! And any place that gave us Bjork and Sigur Ros (not to mention a very famous and disruptive volcano) has my attention. I'll pass on trying the fermented shark's head though.

two things: avian

I love the clean sleek lines and dark mahogany.

 A penguin always has personality, look at his little golden belly!


I want to go to the opera. I know people don't really dress up anymore but sod it! I want the melodrama, the costumes, the sweeping orchestra...I want to get carried away with it all.

I wish it wasn't so expensive, how are you supposed to expose yourself to new things and have an experience if it might send you broke in the process? Makes me miss you Londres; you always make the Arts accessible to anyone and everyone, of all budgets and backgrounds. Bless.

15 February 2011

visible cities

Sonnet For The End Of A Sequence

 So take my vows and scatter them to sea;
Who swears the sweetest is no more than human.
And say no kinder words than these of me:
"Ever she longed for peace, but was a woman!
And thus they are, whose silly female dust
Needs little enough to clutter it and bind it,
Who meet a slanted gaze, and ever must
Go build themselves a soul to dwell behind it."

For now I am my own again, my friend!
This scar but points the whiteness of my breast;
This frenzy, like its betters, spins an end,
And now I am my own. And that is best.
Therefore, I am immeasurably grateful
To you, for proving shallow, false, and hateful.

Dorothy Parker

on the lamb...

(I can't remember where I found this, but lord it makes me happy!)

12 February 2011


So it's on Monday, and I don't believe in celebrating Valentine's day but I do believe in Love.
Here are some of my favourite squishy-sentimental-lovey-dovey posters which totally sum up how I feel about a certain someone.
This first one is from rowboatpress and still rings true 9 years later:

                                                                this one and below via Fifi du Vie 
...we kinda have a soft-spot for Westerns.

via the amazing ashleyg

And perhaps my favouritest one of all, and one which I would lurve to have in my dream house:

Luke looked and me & said "I loave you" just yesterday and we both fell about giggling. 

PS: (Stay tuned for pics of the poster I made for us months and months ago, which we are looking to get framed, so we can hang it in the imaginary house we don't live in but will one day.) Phew! 



Have I told you how much I adore Anthropologie? Have I told you how much I desperately miss swooning around their amazing store on Regent Street in Londres? Well, I do. A LOT.  
They're just about to launch a wedding line called BHLDN
Swoon along with me gentle readers, for here are my favourites;

I look at this and just shake my head...luverly.

for someone who is obsessed with pleats and ruffles and pintucks, 
this is pretty much my idea of heaven.

This is a bridesmaid's dress.
I would wear this as a wedding dress in a heartbeat.
Not even a second thought. Exquisite.

big love: Freaks & Geeks

My favourite all-time television series. I was always more geek than freak but this show has something for everyone, not to mention an amazing soundtrack and a cast of now well-known faces and many guest appearances (among the best: a very small and cute Shia Labeouf, a dodgy Jason Schwartzman and Biff from Back to the Future as the gym teacher).

Ten years later and I still cry when Bill Haverchuck has a deathly serious allergic reaction, sigh when the geeks sit in the gutter wondering when girls will ever notice them, laugh along with Lindsay when she loses it after hearing Daniel's sob-story and think Sam is the sweetest boy/little brother ever.  Check it out if you haven't already, it is an absolute gem.

5 February 2011


I absolutely want these two sweethearts in my dream house, preferably above the bed. 

                                                (get 'em here


Louise Brooks

Because you know there's nothing I love more than a beautiful, striking brunette....

big love: Andrea Galvani

4 February 2011

the wonder years

"When you’re a little kid you’re a bit of everything; Scientist, Philosopher, Artist. Sometimes it seems like growing up is giving these things up one at a time."   -Kevin Arnold

I've been sick and lying in bed, watching this show...
I laugh out loud and I cry for a moment in each episode.       
 I miss them, don't you? 


submerged love

sometimes I am scared but I feel like this in love.


Gable / Monroe

                                                    gah! this photo is the sweetest!  xo

big love: Withnail & I

Give the boys a hand, I never tire of this film and it is crammed full of great moments, characters and great lines.... "Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day, and for once I'm inclined to believe Withnail is right. We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell". 

 love this poster by the awesome Claudia Varosio

3 February 2011

sunny corner

I have been exhausted and run down lately, with no strength for anything or anyone. 
A combination of the inevitable headspinning settling-in period when you start an intense job, the relentless sauna-like atmosphere of Sydney, the devastating events happening to so many people in Queensland, the freakish weather hitting every corner of the globe in quick succession, riots in Egypt...right now it especially feels like the whole world is going insane, and me with it.
We are escaping up to Sunny Corner in a couple of weekends, where Luke's mum has her lovely relaxing heavenly farm. I just want to feel like this again, even for 5 minutes:

can't wait.

Howl's Ukrainian moving castle...

                              This blows my mind, and makes me so happy; c.2007 in the Ukraine.

Etsy elation

I've gotten some choice things in the mail this month, most of them have been for my birthday (which I will post up here as soon as I take photos of them!). Today I received some etsy delights, and there ain't nothing like getting some sweet things in the post from talented people who make things with their own two hands.

So I'd like to give a shout-out to Judith from ABoxForMyTreasure , her necklaces are even more stunning in person, and so delicate and feminine, glowing in gold. Judith was really sweet, contacting me and checking the lengths I wanted for my necklaces before she sent them out from Dublin. Here's what was in my mail today;

 This is the sweetest thing, I never want to take it off.

I've been looking for a great wishbone 
necklace for too long now, had almost given up.

PS:  guest curator on Etsy right now is none other than the excellent mind behind the seriously addictive and spot-on 'nerdboyfriend' blog, Roxana Altamirano...damn, she's got a great eye for the details. 


"Chronic dissatisfaction, that's what you have."
For a moment, I felt Maria Elena was talking straight at me.

polaroid by Tarkovsky

1 February 2011


wow...colour me impressed Jason deCaires Taylor!  This is mesmerizing and a little unsettling at the same time, though also quite appealing given Sydney's current heatwave.

La EvoluciĆ³n Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution)
400 life-size figures. Depth 9m Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

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