29 January 2011

a chair for Papa Bear...

In my dream house, I want a very excellent armchair that would be set right next to a great wall (or inside a tiny hexagonal room) of bookcases crammed full of books and good things (maybe also a bottle of gin) and a little table next to a window.
I admit in my dream house I've only really thought about the kitchen (basically the one from The Wonder Years but sleeker), and some small furniture in the living room.  My dream reading chair has fluctuated in design over the years;  my standard since I was little was either a rocking chair or the classic Chesterfield wingback (I've always been attracted to them, they're kind sexy and old fashioned and really solid, don't you think? Kinda like George Clooney). 

Lately my mind has been drifting over to the land of Danes....and to their amazing, beautiful, elegant and kinda cheeky Papa Bear Chair.  I thought someone put the decimal point in the wrong place, but no...they are literally about 12 thousand dollars. Le sigh.

Just....indulge me for a moment, isn't he cute?  SO cute! I love his paws.

 designed in 1951 by Hans Wegner, I couldn't resist posting a photo of one upholstered in IKB!!!

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