29 January 2011

big love: Kirsten Dunst

I have a soft spot for ol' Kiki, I feel like we've grown up together as we are the same age and all. 
I love that she always does her own thing fashion-wise and makes awkward mistakes like the rest of us, I actually like her street-wear choices more than her public event dresses. And I think I am one of only nine people who actually liked Elizabethtown despite acknowledging it's a mediocre kinda film (some cute outfits and a cute apartment and of course, most excellent taste in music and propensity for epic phone conversations saves it for me). 
Also, I love that in an interview she mentioned her bed is from Ikea and she covered the bedhead in Chanel fabric...that's my girl!

aren't these two the cat's pyjamas? LOVE this photo!

I agree with the FugNation girls; navy and black is one of my favourite combos, 
and her lipstick looks a lot like MAC's 'lady danger' which 
I can tell you from personal experience is a crazy brilliant mood-changing colour.

this is literally one of my favourite outfits of hers c.2004, it makes me smile and is such 
a silly but nonchalant mix of old tshirt/floaty chiffon skirt/sequins. 


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